Southern Charm: All The Times Shep Rose offended fans and castmates

Shep Rose is popular with Southern Charm fans. However, it has done some incomplete things. This reality star has offended her co-stars and fans.

Shep Rose from Southern charm He might be the new nice guy after season seven, but he wasn’t always loved by viewers, and we’ve collected data on all the times he offended his co-stars and fans. He’s been on the show since it aired in 2014 and has made his fair share of mistakes over the years. Viewers always found Shep to be a bit of a narcissist and a gamer. Also, many fans think he drinks too much. Lately, he’s showing more signs of maturity.

When viewers first met Shep in season one, the audience had a love / hate relationship with him. At first, they found him likeable even though he was a spoiled rich kid who lived off his parents’ money. Once Thomas Ravenel was fired due to assault allegations, fans began to notice Shep’s misbehavior. Before that, audiences tended to ignore Shep’s superficial behavior, as they were too focused on the more blatant misdeeds of Thomas Ravenel, who is now the father of a baby. However, there was some inappropriate behavior from Shep that didn’t slip through the cracks.

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Cheated on his girlfriend

Shep Rose sitting in a plaid suit

During the two-part reunion of season seven, Shep admitted to cheating on his current girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, with an ex of hers. After his co-stars urged him to tell the truth, he told Any Cohen: “We have had some setbacks.“He added,”There were some text messages. “His co-star Craig Conover revealed that Shep had kissed another woman. Shep later admitted that he had kissed his ex in a stairwell. Shep said it was just a kiss. He added that Taylor was not happy with him. However, she still loves him, and he and Taylor are working on their relationship.

Taunted a homeless woman

Shep Rose Southern Charm Cropped

In 2019, Shep shared a video of himself taunting a woman who was collecting cans on the streets of New York City. Shortly after the video was shared, his followers confronted him for his callousness. They couldn’t believe he was laughing at a homeless woman. Despite the backlash, Shep refused to remove the video. Southern charm Fans then took to social media to express their displeasure. They asked Bravo to take action due to the incident. Shep then responded to those who were offended by his video. He told them to stop following him if “missed the mark“in his eyes. He later apologized in a tweet, admitting that the video was”a stupid joke and a bad idea all over the place. “See a critic’s reaction to your video below:

He hooked up with Kathryn

During the first seasons of Southern charm, Shep and Kathryn Dennis had an intimate relationship. The romance began after she found out that her co-star and good friend Craig Conover had feelings for her. As soon as Kathryn showed a bit of interest in him, Shep pounced on him, breaking the brother code. On Reddit, fans accused the 41-year-old of being jealous of Craig because of Craig’s education and sewing business. They also accused him of drinking too much and dating women too young for him.

Shep may be popular with Southern charm viewers, but it wasn’t always a fan favorite. Viewers thought that he was unwilling to grow up and felt that he did not respect women. They also thought he lacked motivation. Some even called him a younger version of Thomas Ravenel. However, Shep has grown a bit. He settled down with his girlfriend Taylor and launched his new essay collection, called Average expectations: lessons to lower the bar.

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