Southern charm: what OG villain Thomas Ravenel is up to in 2021

Thomas Ravenel was fired from Southern Charm, but the drama in his life still continues. Find out what the 58-year-old has been up to lately.

Thomas Ravenel has kept a low profile since he was fired from Southern charm in 2018. The OG villain found himself in a legal battle with two women, including his former nanny. He was charged with alleged assault, battery and rape. In 2019, Thomas pleaded guilty to assault and battery in the third degree in connection with the attack on his babysitter. He paid a $ 500 fine, did not serve jail time, and donated $ 80,000 on behalf of the babysitter to a charity for survivors of sexual assault. However, this was not Thomas’ first encounter with the law.

In 2007, the former politician was indicted on federal cocaine distribution charges and sentenced to ten months in federal prison. Thomas has since been acquitted of these charges and finally ran for the Senate for South Carolina in 2014. However, he did not win. During the time he ran, he began his career as a reality star on Southern charm. He and Kathryn Dennis began a relationship, and later welcomed their two children together, Kensie and Saint. The couple’s relationship did not last long, as they separated shortly after she gave birth to their daughter. They met for a short time, during which they conceived their son.

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What has Thomas been doing since he was fired from Southern charm in 2018? Shortly after the 58-year-old was fired, he lost custody of his two children and Kathryn gained full custody. Less than a year later, Thomas and Kathryn were awarded joint legal and physical custody of the children. It seemed like Thomas and Kathryn were in a great place in their relationship and were parents in a civilized way. A few months later, Kathryn found out that Thomas welcomed a child with a woman she had no idea he was dating, she reported. Page six. Thomas and his now fiancee Heather Mascoe welcomed their son, Jonathan Jackson Ravenel, in June 2020. At the season seven reunion, Kathryn confirmed that she had not yet met the newborn or the mother.

Before Thomas met the mother of his new baby, he and Kathryn were on the brink of a possible reconciliation. During the season seven reunion, the 29-year-old admitted that she and Thomas slept together once while living together for a short time in January 2020. However, the parents were unable to discover their relationship. Kathryn was also questioned about the couple’s protracted legal battle regarding custody of their children. She admitted that he was trying to sue her for custody because she was moving out. Less than a month after the meeting aired, People confirmed that Kathryn temporarily lost custody of her children. While all the documents in this case have been sealed, Thomas has accused Kathryn in the past of having a problem with illegal drugs, alcohol, and prescription pills.

Thomas has been busy trying to take over full custody of his children now that he and Kathryn are officially over. He sees how happy Kathryn is in her new relationship with Chleb Ravenell (no relation to Thomas) and found the perfect time to pursue her parenting skills. During the time Thomas was away from Southern charm, has been finding ways to control Kathryn. Removing temporary custody was his first step. It seems that the OG villain has returned to his bad habits.

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