Spider-Man: Kingpin brings in classic Doctor Strange villain to deal with Kindred

In the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Kingpin decides to fight fire with fire by bringing in a magical Marvel villain to deal with Kindred.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 63 by Nick Spencer, Federico Vicentini, Alex Sinclair, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, out now.

On Amazing spider manKingpin will go to any lengths to get the Boomerang and Spider-Man Lifeline tablet, and he has submitted an offer that no criminal in his town can pass up. However, he is not done seeking help in obtaining the mystical artifact that could bring his beloved late wife back to life.

In addition to trying to obtain the Lifeline Table, he also has the Table of Death and Entropy in his possession, something he gained through a deal with Mister Negative. He also has a prisoner who could help him in Kindred, although the demonic villain has already refused to help Fisk in the past. And in Amazing spider man # 63, Wilson Fisk has sought more help, this time from a man who doesn’t care about the Kingpin’s offer of immunity, Baron Mordo. Fisk hopes Mordo can help him obtain information from Kindred, who remains imprisoned at the Ravencroft Institute inside a Darkforce cage.

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Kingpin and Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo, a longtime Doctor Strange villain, has the ability to do something that no mobster in Kingpin City can do. While Hammerhead, Tombstone, Owl, and Mister Negative can provide the muscle and have a great opportunity to bring Boomerang, Baron Mordo has extensive knowledge of Hell and possibly a way to get the Kindred information the Kingpin wants.

Baron Mordo explained that the various Hells of the Marvel Universe are large places, so he does not know Kindred. However, he is also sure that he can make the demon bleed if it comes to that. Kingpin and Baron Mordo disagreed during Secret empire when the city was ironically covered by a Darkforce field. Now that the Kingpin has used the same thing to trap Kindred, he hopes that he and Mordo can work together in exchange for the Tablet of Death and Entropy that Fisk currently has in his possession. All Mordo has to do is get Kindred to speak, something the villain admits could be a challenge.

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Baron Mordo ties into another part of the puzzle as well, as Doctor Strange is still a part of this extensive and long-running story. While helping Spider-Man in his battle with Kindred, Doctor Strange discovered that something was wrong with Peter Parker’s soul, possibly due to his deal with Mephisto to save his Aunt May’s life at the expense of their marriage. This arrangement may also be responsible for bringing Harry Osborn, aka Kindred, back from the dead.

Before Mephisto returned to Hell, Doctor Strange was in talks with Mephisto about Spider-Man’s soul. Now Mordo has said that he plans to go to Hell for the Kingpin to find a way to deal with Kindred, and he will find one of the most important people in recent Spider-Man history when he does.

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