Spring Baking Championship: Why Laurent Shouldn’t Have Been Eliminated

During the Spring Bakery Championship Easter challenge, Laurent Carratie was sent home. Many people think it was removed too early.

Laurent Carratie from Spring Baking Championship fame was removed from the 2021 season and many fans think he was removed from the show too soon. It seemed like an unfair decision, given that it was a choice between flavor and texture. Laurent’s main heat dessert was fully cooked but had a dense texture that wasn’t up to scratch. However, it technically met the challenge requirements. It could be argued that he just had a bit of bad luck.

In previous seasons of Spring Baking ChampionshipWhen deciding who to send home, the taste and quality of the cuisine took precedence over presentation. That being said, if the judges aren’t fans of a certain baker, they probably won’t win. This is also standard for other programs. For example in Overcome it!, epic failures always get special attention. The first contestant eliminated in Spring Baking Championship the first season he had served raw hummingbird cake to the judges. Nancy asked him to take a bite. He was quite embarrassed to discover that he had not cooked his cake well. By 2021, it appears that bakers can serve the judges raw cakes, or baked goods that don’t taste good, and still survive the competition.

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Laurent and the other bakers had to do “hot cross bunnies” that is, Easter bunnies made with bread dough and nuts. He took a chance by making a dough with a local recipe. The judges noted that their pastries tasted good. The problem was the texture, as her bunny was dense because its mass had not risen properly. Chiantae was also in the bottom two, due to the fact that her bread was raw or undercooked in some places. He hadn’t put his bunnies in the oven for a long time. Chiantae has acknowledged that being between the last two was a great wake-up call. She improved her game in later episodes.

It seems a bit unfair. Laurent took a chance in this addictive baking competition and wanted to infuse a bit of his personality into the challenge. He extolled the values ​​that Spring Baking Championship It represents. The same thing happened to Jamal. He was eliminated when his bear cookie sandwiches didn’t stick to his plastic tower during a baby shower-themed main heat series. While the judges said that Jamal made one of the best desserts of the day, they had to eliminate it for a “epic fail,” as Duff tactfully put it after tasting his cookies. This is despite the fact that one contestant did not put a lot of coffee (the twist ingredient) in her batter. Another added too much, to the point where the judges said they were instantly connected. Jamal made a spectacular dessert and it failed in terms of presentation. He took it well, but it seemed unfair.

In an ideal world, there would be a reality TV competition where no one is eliminated and everyone is ranked differently until they reach the final. Appearing on these shows boosts the careers of the cast members, and the positivity of no eliminations until the final episode would enhance the experience. When laurent left Spring Baking Championship (which is moving to Discovery +), he did it in a dignified way. At least he tried something different.

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