Star Wars reveals why Luke Skywalker is the best of the Jedi

Star Wars has finally confirmed why Luke Skywalker is bigger than any of the Jedi in the prequel. He did what they couldn’t: win through faith and love.

Star Wars has finally revealed why Luke Skywalker is the best of the Jedi. Anakin Skywalker’s son, the Chosen One, Luke Skywalker inherited all power from his father. However, even though that was the case, Master Yoda feared that he would also resemble his father in other ways. Luke was as reckless and impulsive as Anakin Skywalker, making decisions based on his emotions rather than submitting to the will of the Force.

Yoda and Obi-Wan believed that Luke would be a weapon against Darth Vader and the Emperor. Luke had other ideas, however, and in Return of the Jedi he surrendered to the Empire and relied on his father’s goodness to save him from the Emperor’s wrath. The Jedi would have considered it a desperate gamble, but in truth, it was the only way the Emperor could have been defeated. As we now know of Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerIf Palpatine had been struck down by anger, his spirit might have possessed his attacker. Darth Vader succeeded because he killed the Emperor in an act of love for his son, not hatred.

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Lucasfilm recently published a biography of the Skywalker family by Kristin Baver, Skywalker: a family at war, and reveals why Luke Skywalker should be considered the best of the Jedi, because he had accomplished what they could not.

By helping his father turn towards the light, offering him unconditional love, Luke accomplished what his father and the entire Jedi Order twisted by the Clone Wars could not accomplish. By refusing to fight, destroy, let anger overshadow the good. In his heart, he had forgiven a monster and revealed a man. “

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This reinterprets the final scenes in Return of the Jedi, suggesting that Luke’s confrontation with Darth Vader on the Second Death Star had been designed as a very clever “Jedi Trap”. This idea was introduced in Matt Stover’s novelization of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, and was used to describe the Clone Wars themselves. “They were irresistible bait,Stover observed.They took place in remote places, on planets that belonged primarily to “someone else.” They were fought by expendable proxies. And they were built as a win-win situation. The Clone Wars the perfect Jedi trap. By fighting, the Jedi lost.“Palpatine intended for the duel between Luke and Darth Vader on the Death Star to work out exactly the same way; by fighting, Luke would have lost. And, for a few brief moments, it seemed that the Emperor’s last Jedi Trap had taken hold. success.

And then Luke lowered his sword. He did what the Jedi Order had not been able to do so many years ago; He resisted the temptation to fight and instead trusted his father’s goodness. Had Luke been the Jedi’s weapon, he would have taken down Darth Vader, before attempting to kill the Emperor as well, and likely ending up becoming the Sith Lord’s new host body. But Luke was greater than any of the Jedi of the prequel era, because he believed in the possibility of redeeming love. The Emperor thought Luke’s faith in others was his weakness, but in reality, it was his strength and it turned out to be Palpatine’s undoing.

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