Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma’s Original Death Scene Was Much Better

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Captain Phasma’s original death scene allowed Finn more development and provided more closure for his bow.

Throughout the sequel trilogy, one of the most poignant stories was Finn breaking free from the First Order. In Star Wars: The Last JediFinn, who has already resigned from the First Order, fully commits himself to the Resistance and begins to see himself as a Rebel, and a crucial moment in his development is his final fight with Captain Phasma.

While the death scene in the movie is effective, the deleted scene available on Disney + provides an extended cutout of the scene where Finn reveals Phasma’s hypocrisy. The extended footage is also based on the characterization of Phasma in the Star Wars: Captain Phasma comic miniseries, and allows Finn more closure.

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In the deleted footage, Phasma surrounds Finn with a group of Stormtroopers and yells, “Disrespectful, disobedient, traitor.” In response, Finn berates Phasma for defeating the Stormtroopers in the name of order, but at Starkiller Base, Phasma betrayed the First Order and lowered her shields to save herself when threatened. While Finn confronted Phasma briefly in Star Wars: The Force AwakensIn this scene, he is better able to point out her abuse of him and the other Stormtroopers under his command.

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Finn’s words make the Stormtroopers accompanying Phasma hesitate. As Phasma proclaims that no one will believe Finn, she remarkably shoots the Stormtroopers who witness this reveal before they can decide whether or not they believe in Finn. This not only shows how selfish he is, but this moment also reflects Phasma’s actions in the miniseries.

In Star Wars: Captain Phasma, It immediately begins to cover its tracks after being dumped by the garbage dump in The awakening of the force. She deletes the footage showing her betrayal, but when she realizes that Lt. Sol Rivas accessed the footage before she deleted it, she frames it for her actions.

Just to cover her tracks, Phasma condemns the people of R’ora Island just to get to Rivas, assassinating Rivas, and killing the accompanying Stormtrooper. The miniseries reveals how far Phasma will go to survive and maintain her position within the First Order, which this deleted scene also explores; However, a loose thread remains: Finn, who proves that his survival form is flawed.

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Phasma tribe

Regarding this characterization, the deleted footage also changes the context for the final exchange of Phasma and Finn. Rather than having Finn standing over her in triumph before she falls and dies, the original scene makes Phasma believe that she is victorious at first, especially since she has covered her tracks before. After Finn declares himself “rogue scum”, Phasma attempts to stab Finn, but he shoots her with a weapon from the Stormtrooper corpse pile, sending her flying into the abyss. Therefore, Phasma’s betrayal and overconfidence in her ability to cover her tracks is her undoing.

While the deleted footage is not considered canon, the original death scene still fits the characterization of Phasma in other canonical media. In his comment on the footage, Rian Johnson also reveals that he loved the scene, and that it was mostly reconfigured due to concerns about pacing.

However, the original version also gives Finn more opportunities to shine. In the deleted scene, Finn also closes in more, not because he fires the final shot, but because he can directly express his anger towards Phasma and reveal his betrayal. Her actions, specifically her treatment of the Stormtroopers under her, lead directly to her death.

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