Given the choice between a movie and a TV show about Superman, fans will almost always choose a standalone movie. However, once again, a TV series like Superman and Lois offers more opportunities to explore the comics the series is based on and, more importantly, new characters.

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Time Superman and Lois It’s already introducing a lot of intriguing new characters like Jon and Jordan Kent, the infamous Captain Luthor, and the ever-changing Captain Lane, there’s still room to grow. While some characters should remain within the realm of comics, others could cause quite a stir in the acclaimed Arrowverse series.

10 Introduce: Bibo Bibbowski

Bibo Bibbowski thinks of Superman after his death

Despite Superman and Lois taking place in Smallville rather than Metropolis after the events of the pilot, there is still a need for Metropolis to have some connection to the series. Perhaps in one episode, the Kent family could return to the bustling city and Clark would take his children to meet Bibo Bibbowski.

A huge Superman fan, Bibo is a tough but good-hearted man who has been saved by Superman numerous times. With Jordan’s powers developing, it’s possible for Clark to show his son all the good his powers have done and introduce him to Bibo.

9 Shouldn’t: Emil Hamilton

Emil Hamilton creates a robotic arm device

There are a couple of reasons why Emil Hamilton shouldn’t join the series. While the scientist already exists in Supergirl A series in its final season, as a female version, there is still the possibility that Hamilton will appear in the series, serving as a scientist for General Lane.

However, it doesn’t feel necessary to add it. Clark appears to be self-sufficient and turning Hamilton to the dark side as a way to make him an enemy of Clark wouldn’t feel right either, given the CW’s habit of turning heroes into villains and vice versa.

8 Present: Pete Ross

Pete Ross and Superman talk in Metropolis

All fans know that Superman needs a friend to back him up, a good friend who is always there for him, like Jimmy Olsen. While the Arrowverse already has Jimmy Olsen running, there’s room for another friend of Superman, Pete Ross, to show up.

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Clark Kent’s childhood friend Pete Ross, if anything, makes more sense to appear on the series than Jimmy Olsen. Pete could return to Smallville and reconnect with Clark, perhaps even learning his secret identity and becoming his new best friend.

7 Shouldn’t: Steve Lombard

Steve Lombard reads from his laptop at the Daily Planet

While Jimmy Olsen has always been friends with Superman on and off the Daily Planet, there are those who don’t like Clark Kent or even Superman. Someone like Steve Lombard, a self-contained reporter at the Daily Planet who constantly confronts Clark.

Although it was given a brief reference in the pilot, Lombard, while a staple of the comics, would not add much to the series. Even if he were to appear in a brief cameo, it doesn’t seem like Lombard contributes much to the series other than his stubbornness.

6 Introduce: steel

John Henry Irons wears Steel

The fun thing about adaptations is that not everything has to be exactly like the comics. Things can change and heroes can be different. With Superman out of Metropolis, there is a chance the city needs a new hero, perhaps someone like Steel, not to be confused with him. Legends of tomorrow Nate Haywood, who shares the same name.

A brilliant scientist, John Henry Irons creates a metal suit designed after Superman to face crime after the hero’s disappearance. Steel taking over in Clark’s absence would provide an interesting dynamic between the pair and give Steel some proper live action. appearance.

5 Shouldn’t: Booster Gold

Booster Gold fights villains in the 21st century

Now, oddly enough, Booster Gold has a bit more connection than Superman than meets the eye. Hailing from the distant future, Booster Gold is unlucky and no one is looking to become a respected hero in the 21st century.

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When Booster arrives at the present, he settles in Metropolis. With Superman now in Smallville, Booster could, like Steel, be a good replacement. However, Booster’s antics and goofy nature make him a better contender for Legends of tomorrow or even his next web series that Superman and Lois.

4 Introduce: Krypto

Krypto the Superdog flies away from Earth

In the comics, man’s best friend still exists. While a version of the nicer guy to grace the DC comics is currently in Titans, that does not mean that Krypto the Superdog cannot appear in Superman and Lois.

A dog with Kryptonian abilities, Krypto has always been a staple of the Superman comics and has once again proven to be a worthy ally to Supes. From being Jon and Jordan’s new pet to helping in the fight against Captain Luthor, Krypto would be a more than welcome addition to the series.

3 Shouldn’t: Scratched

Streaky and Kyrpto grunt and hiss at each other

Most DC fans know who Krypto is and even those outside the comic book world recognize the classic canine. Other super pets, however, are a bit less noticeable and Streaky the Supecat is one of those super-powered animals.

Sharing the same attributes and powers as Krypto the Superdog, the only real difference between Streaky and Krypto is their species. As such, adding the lesser-known Streaky over the much-loved Krypto, especially in a series about Superman, would seem like an insult to the show and Superman’s character.

two Introduce: Power Girl

Power Girl lifts metal girders on Earth 2

As realistic as Superman and Lois It seems to be, there are some otherworldly aspects to the series. With the introduction of an alternate Lex Luthor as Captain Luthor, the possibilities of alternate earth heroes and villains have become more possible.

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With this, perhaps Power-Girl could join the Superman family. Hailing from Earth-2, Power Girl is the older version of Supergirl, having taken over the mantel at a much younger age. It would be an interesting dynamic to introduce the series, an older version of Supergirl that Clark could bond with.

one Shouldn’t: Superboy-Prime

Superboy Prime takes on the Justice League

Out of all the alternate heroes and land to choose from, there are plenty of villains too. With that said, it may be wiser to stay away from some villains, such as Superboy-Prime, an alternate Superboy gone berserk.

Coming from an alternate Earth-like Power Girl, Superboy’s planet was destroyed in the Crisis, and after Lex Luthor manipulated him, he turned on the world. The truth is, with a dark version of Superman already introduced through Captain Luthor’s world, Prime would be an evil version too many.

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