Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars featured Star Wars scariest bounty hunter

Genndy Tartakovsky’s original animated series, Star Wars: Clone Wars, featured a powerful bounty hunter with a unique ability.

Before fan favorite computer animation Star Wars, Clone Wars established the definitive official canonical account of the titular galactic conflict, the era was first explored in animated form in Genndy Tartakovsky Star Wars: Clone Wars. The The 2D microseries began in 2003 and aired three seasons between the releases of Attack of the clones Y Revenge of the Sith. Now that the complete series is now available for streaming on Disney + (compiled into two volumes under the “Star Wars Vintage” category), fans can now look back at the original dynamically stylized, Emmy-winning rendition of Clone Wars. .

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Although the series is no longer considered canon, Tartakovsky’s version introduced key characters who were later officially recognized. Together with Asajj Ventress, Clone wars debut droid commander, General Grievous, who happened to be a central antagonist in both Revenge of the Sith and the 2008 3D series. Yet another droid commander was also featured during the micro-series’ first season, and he was one of the most unique, dangerous, and most of all, terrifying bounty hunters in the world. Star Wars universe: Durge.

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Durge was featured during “Chapter 4” of Clone wars. Much of Volume I concerns the Battle of Muunilinst, following Obi-Wan Kenobi as he led the ground offensive while Anakin Skywalker commanded the space battle. When the frightened Chairman of the Banking Clan, San Hill, criticized Durge for not attacking the advancing forces, Durge smothered him, who then assembled a legion of speeder-mounted IG droids. Armed with spears similar to those used in jousting, Durge and his droids attacked, decimating the Republic artillery.

Later, Obi-Wan engaged him in a duel, though Durge proved to be a formidable foe, using darts, a flamethrower, and even launching a speeder bike at the Jedi Knight. Obi-Wan managed to stab Durge in the chest, but this only made the bounty hunter laugh. Kenobi eventually managed to split the massive enemy, but Gen’Dai’s unique physiology allowed his tendons to rejoin to heal him. He later attacked just as Obi-Wan and his Clones were about to obtain a surrender from Hill, revealing his true amorphous form. His body swallowed Obi-Wan completely, who was then able to explode Durge from the inside out. Although Kenobi and his Clones were victorious by securing surrender, it was implied that Durge began to meet once more.

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Durge later appeared in other Expanded Universe material, including various comics that explored his far-reaching background and final destination. He was going to be reinvented as a human character for 2008. Clone wars animated series and become part of the official canon, just like its peers Clone wars Asajj Ventress alum. However, those plans were scrapped, and bounty hunter Cad Bane replaced Durge in his place. Despite his long absence from the Star Wars universe, Durge finally join the new one Star Wars Canyon this June with the launch of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra # 11.

Star Wars: Clone Wars – Volume I and Star Wars: Clone Wars – Volume II are now available to stream on Disney +.

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