The Big Bang Theory: 10 times Penny was the smartest person in the room

The magnificent Penny from Big Bang Theory is, and will forever be, a beloved character for a variety of reasons. She compliments the initial group of guys with her witty comments. All in all, she’s supposed to be silly, aloof, and carefree along with her stereotypical “hot girl” image.

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But Penny is not stupid. In fact, there are so many times when he corrects the “geeks” in the group and shows them something. “Smart” doesn’t always involve academia, and anyone who’s a fan of Penny already knows that this character is more “street smart” than academically smart. However, her street mentality actually helps both her and the entire group in the long run, more than if she knew mathematical functions, for example.

10 When he taught the boys about fishing

Penny teaches Howard how to gut a fish in big bang theory

This was a moment of true wisdom for the guys! As the tech-minded scientist know-it-alls gather around the kitchen island in Sheldon and Leonard’s room, they watch with great curiosity what Penny presents to them.

Since Penny grew up in a more rural setting, these suburbanites and city boys watch in awe as the woman in front of them shows a more robust and capable side that they lack.

9 When she educates Leonard

Most may not see this scene as one of the “smartest”, but it’s actually for a great reason. Penny makes it clear to Leonard that having a college degree does not equal intelligence.

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Leonard thinks he’s doing Penny a favor by showing her a local college he could go to until she puts him in his place on education. And boy, does Leonard learn something here. Penny is really smart and diligent in defending herself and her position and pointing out how important it is to understand what intelligence means in the end.

8 When he beats Leonard at chess

Penny beats Leonard in chess in Big Bang Theory

This scene is short but very memorable, as Leonard innocently teaches Penny how to play chess, only to be defeated by the beginner on his first try.

However, what’s so smart about this little comic moment? Well, it’s actually in how Penny beats Leonard in the game. It doesn’t actually put together the correct names for each chess piece, but it simplifies the game enough to win. Intelligence is in its simplification of a game that is generally associated with complexity and deep thinking.

7 When you help Sheldon with the concept of change

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Penny in the elevator

Even against Sheldon, the smartest self-proclaimed individual in the pack, Penny knows exactly how to teach him a rewarding lesson.

As all loyal fans know, Sheldon doesn’t like change in any way, shape, or form, even though he basically studies change as a scientist. Fight your preference for things to stay the same. So Penny says the smartest advice she can get is, “I think the only thing that stays the same is that things are always changing.”

6 When providing information for Sheldon’s string theory research

Penny Teaches Sheldon How To Solve String Theory In Big Bang Theory

In addition to helping Sheldon with the conception of change, she also literally leads him to realize something about string theory.

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After talking for a while, Penny goes over some of her own views of a string, like how guitar strings vibrate, but it’s when she mentions that strings can be tied in knots that leads Sheldon to brainstorm. . He then jokingly boasts that for research that has taken scientists decades to explore, he managed to discover something in a matter of minutes.

5 When she challenges Sheldon’s perception of her (and restaurant workers)

Sheldon teaches penny physics on the Big Bang theory

Sheldon thinks a brilliant hit comes to Penny for her lackluster waitress skills when she tells him that the tech gadget they’re working on will replace “unskilled food servers like [herself] obsolete.”

Clearly this is a ridiculous burn towards Penny until she punches him back playing with his head. Instead of getting hit, she sarcastically responds by asking, “Really? Are they going to make a robot that spits on your burger?”

4 When she’s honest with Leonard about having kids

Penny talking to Leonard about children

Some viewers may not see this as one of the stereotypically smart moments because it doesn’t involve academics. Yet this is a scene of true diligence and dignity that Penny exudes.

When confidently expressing that she simply does not aspire to have children, Penny is the smartest in the room because Penny defies the social norm that she is expected to have children with Leonard because they are married.

3 When defending his wishes against Bernadette

Bernadette pregnant with the Big Bang theory sitting with Howard

This scene may be short, but it’s shocking on Penny’s part. Although fans love Bernadette and her sassy, ​​edgy yet sweet self, she crosses a line here against Penny by telling her that she needs to have children to be satisfied.

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Penny proves to be incredibly smart, pushing against expectations, telling her friend to “back off” at the thought that she should have children. Bernadette’s general demeanor is optimistic but aggressive, and motivates Penny to say some of the smartest words any woman can say, that “not all people need children to be satisfied.” It is not just a bold statement. This is a well-thought-out answer that ultimately aims to educate Bernadette, although it is unsuccessful in the end.

two When defending your decision to explore another company

Big Bang Theory Penny and Bernadette

Although this dramatic argument only comes about because Bernadette simply despises the competing company, Penny goes ahead and meets up with the rival company for a quick drink and a reunion.

Many viewers will say that this doesn’t establish Penny as the smartest in the room, but it definitely does because it does more than expand her horizon. She also conveys to viewers that she is the only one of her and Bernadette who is willing to take a chance and try another work experience.

1 When Penny contemplates returning to Nebraska

After one of the most awkward scenes on the show, Penny realizes that she and the other guys now have a broken friendship after seeing that she and Raj seem like they slept together.

Although Raj reveals that this didn’t actually happen, the smartest part of Penny’s decision-making is that she doesn’t hesitate to rethink her life and the moves she makes. Penny sees that her acting career is seriously struggling right now, and sees a troubled friendship fall apart, so admitting to Amy that she could return home conveys her determination. The others don’t really consider great life options like this, but Penny does, which is what makes her the smartest in the room, aside from Amy and Raj, when he shows up to ask her out.

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