The Big Bang Theory: Raj and Penny’s Best Moments as Friends

Throughout The Big Bang Theory, Penny and Raj had a great friendship dynamic. Here are their best moments as friends.

The power of friendship is the driving force behind Big Bang Theory success. The bond between Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard has been proven time and again. Even when the group found their girlfriends and wives, their bond only grew. However, two friends in the group that are not talked about enough are Penny and Raj.

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Time TBBT fans were never able to put aside the fact that they got physical in Leonard’s bed, their friendship surpassed that speed bump. They had some of the best moments on the show and should be celebrated for it.

10 Roomies!

In the tenth season, Raj separates from his father and tries to make a living without financial help. After moving out of her expensive apartment, she moved into Penny and Leonard’s apartment and stayed in Sheldon’s old bedroom. Unbeknownst to Leonard, Penny and Raj became incredibly close.

Raj knew all about Penny’s work drama, they wore matching clothes, did morning yoga together … Leonard felt like the third wheel and he didn’t want Raj to live there anymore because he was jealous of their bond. And while Leonard hated him, fans adored him.

9 Romantic astronomy

Raj tells penny about romantic astronomy in the big bang theory

In season seven, Raj was excited to be involved with two women (Emily and Lucy) at the same time. While talking to the group over dinner, Penny asked Raj what he knew about “romantic astronomy.” How was Raj supposed to make astronomy romantic? Raj warned Leonard that her story was “a mighty thing to pull down the panties,” but continued with the story anyway.

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Taking Penny’s hand, tell the story of two of the brightest stars in the night sky and how they come together once a year for a night of passion. The look on Penny’s face said it all: her story worked. Leonard, of course, was upset that he gave Raj his blessing because Penny was obviously in awe.

8 “What is solder?”

Penny raj and bernadette play with welding in the big bang theory

When Howard and Leonard needed extra help in the lab, Bernadette and Penny reached out to help with the soldering. While Penny had no idea what welding was like, she felt important and empowered to work in the lab. But when Leonard and Howard ditch the girls for a movie and lie about it, Raj steps in and works with Penny and Bernadette in a fun way to get revenge on Howard and Leonard. Watching Penny, Raj, and Bernadette work together made viewers wish there were more of these three.

7 When Penny made her first grasshopper

Raj and Penny talk about a grasshopper on the Big Bang theory

In the early seasons, Raj was unable to speak to women due to his shyness. But when Penny started working as a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory, she practiced her cocktail making skills with the guys. After turning Raj into a grasshopper, Raj was suddenly brave enough to talk to Penny.

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As it turned out, as long as Raj took a sip or two of alcohol, he had the courage to talk to women. This was the beginning of their beautiful friendship.

6 Penny always defends Raj

Penny talking to lucy - the big bang theory

It’s a long-standing joke that Penny is physically stronger than guys and can be intimidating when she’s serious. This side of you comes to the fore, especially when you are defending your loved ones.

In one scene, Penny sees Raj’s ex-girlfriend Lucy at The Cheesecake Factory and takes it upon herself to reprimand her for playing Raj for no reason. Penny did this again when her friend Emily from the gym used Raj for her money. Although Penny and Raj weren’t always the closest, she protected him.

5 Your first non-alcoholic conversation

Raj Talks To Penny For The First Time Without Alcohol: The Big Bang Theory

In season six, Raj and Lucy split up, which left him in a dark place. He called himself “unlovable” and hid in his apartment. Penny stopped by Raj’s apartment to see how he was doing and allowed Raj to vent and cry in front of her. After a few minutes, Penny reminded Raj that her emotions were probably “just talking about alcohol”. But when Raj said he hadn’t had a drink since the night before, a lightbulb went on. Raj was finally able to talk to Penny without alcohol! This was a monumental moment in their friendship.

4 Help in the romance department

Raj Goes To Girls For Romantic Help On The Big Bang Theory

No one goes to the ladies for help more than Raj. When it comes to work, family, and relationships, no one listens to Raj better than Penny, Bernadette, and Amy. All three women have a unique perspective and always help Raj when he needs it. One of the best moments was when Raj’s ex-girlfriend Emily gave him a very expensive gift for Valentine’s Day and he wasn’t sure how to handle it. Penny and the girls tried to help Raj, but she only forced him into Emily’s arms at the end of the night.

3 Girls nights!

raj crashes girls night out - tbbt

The closer Penny, Amy, and Bernadette got, the more girls’ nights went by. While the boys gathered to play games, read comics, or watch movies, the girls were at Penny’s apartment drinking wine and catching up. On rare occasions, the ladies went out to dance. And adorably, Raj wanted to join them. Raj seemed to have a better time with the girls on girls ‘night than with the boys on boys’ nights.

two Anu and Leonard were good enough?

Penny and Bernie with Anu TBBT

It wasn’t just Penny who defended Raj from his exes, Raj also made sure Leonard treated Penny well. The two of them always looked out for each other, even if it wasn’t showing enough.

When Raj started dating Anu, Penny and Bernadette took it upon themselves to meet her privately to make sure she was good enough for their friend. Also, Raj tried to get between Leonard and Penny when he discovered that Penny had never said “I love you” to Leonard. She knew she loved Leonard and wanted him to face his fears and admit it.

one The People Magazine Party

When Raj was recognized by People Magzine for his work in astronomy, the honor went to his head. He began to act differently in front of his friends, causing them to distance themselves from Raj. With no one accompanying him to the People magazine party, Penny embarrassed everyone else for not supporting Raj and happily joined him for the event. Raj ended up drinking heavily and making a fool of himself, but Penny was there making sure he got home safely.

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