The Big Bang Theory: What are the main characters’ jobs?

Most of the characters on Big Bang Theory worked in science, except for the waitress and actress Penny. But what exactly did Sheldon and the guys at Caltech do?

In addition to friendship and romance, character careers are also a large area of ​​focus in Big Bang Theory. After all, most of Sheldon’s quirks are related to his fascination and dedication to science. With everyone working in science (aside from Penny when she was a struggling actress), work isn’t just the topic of conversation at dinner; it is their livelihood. The gang has fun at work because they are passionate about what they do.

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But what exactly do the characters in Big Bang Theory do? Each character works in a different field, but that does not prevent them from sharing their experiences, problems and achievements with each other.

8 Raj: astrophysicist

After attending Cambridge University, Raj earned his Ph.D. in astrophysics and became an astrophysicist at Caltech. While at Caltech, Raj was part of the squad that created a data-gathering space probe on Pluto and won multiple awards for his research. Later, he teamed up with Sheldon to work on string theory and dark matter. As much as Sheldon acts like he’s smarter than everyone else and doesn’t need to work as a team, Raj’s input was invaluable and helped Sheldon tremendously. At the end of the series, Raj was still working at Caltech, but he got a job at the Griffith Observatory as a hobby.

7 Sheldon: theoretical physicist

The Thespian Catalyst - Sheldon Lecture

One of the brightest characters in TBBT It’s Sheldon Cooper. At the tender age of 16, Sheldon received his Ph.D. but also has his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Arts, and his Doctorate of Science. With an IQ of 187, Sheldon works at Caltech as a theoretical physicist and focuses on string theory.

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He later shifts his focus to dark matter when he hits a dead end with string theory. However, Sheldon never completely abandons string theory. With Amy’s help, they put their energy into the super asymmetry of string theory and won a Nobel Prize for their achievements. At the end of the series, Sheldon is still deeply happy at Caltech working in the Physics Department.

6 Leonard: experimental physicist

Leonard and Leslie with safety glasses in the Caltech lab on The Big Bang Theory

After attending Princeton and earning his Ph.D. in physics, Leonard became an experimental physicist at Caltech, which is where he met his best friends. His work was published in some prominent magazines and he was recognized for his contribution to science. This resulted in his career when he began working for the United States government with Howard and Sheldon. He even went to work in the North Sea with a team organized by Stephen Hawking. By the end of the series, Leonard was stuck professionally, but he still did an incredible job that was recognized by both Sheldon and President Siebert.

5 Howard: engineer and former astronaut

howard going to space - tbbt

Although Howard receives little respect from Sheldon, he really is a fantastic engineer who should be commended for his work. Howard attended MIT where he earned his Master of Engineering, specializing in aerospace. He had the ability to control the Mars Rover and helped design a satellite that circled Jupiter.

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Due to his experience with space, Howard had the opportunity to work with NASA and go to the International Space Station. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of his career. He later invented a Quantum Guidance System for the US Air Force with a theory created by Leonard and Sheldon.

4 Penny: Actress, waitress, pharmaceutical sales representative.

penny is the sales manager with bernadette - tbbt

When Penny started the series, she was newer to Los Angeles and was trying to become an actress. Between auditions, she got a waitress job at The Cheesecake Factory to pay her bills. Unfortunately, Penny realized that her acting career was going nowhere, so she got a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative at Bernadette’s company.

Penny didn’t love “flirting with doctors for money,” but she was making more money than ever. He even doubled Leonard’s salary! When Penny found her footing in pharmaceuticals, Bernadette recruited her to be the head of her sales team. He even dabbled in public relations.

3 Bernadette: Microbiologist

Bernadette Talking to Amy at Work - TBBT

When Bernadette was first introduced, she was a fellow waitress at The Cheesecake Factory who was earning her degree in microbiology. After she and Howard got serious, she started working for a company that paid her to get her Ph.D. Later in the series, it is noted that Bernadette is the head of her department at a pharmaceutical company called ZanGen. When your company hires Penny, it shows how powerful Bernadette is in her role and that she makes a ton of money.

two Amy: neurobiologist

Sheldon and Amy at work

Amy graduated from Harvard and has her Ph.D. in neurobiology. Not much is said about Amy’s daily life in the lab, but she has talked about her research with capuchin monkeys. While she didn’t work at Caltech with the boys, they moved her there for a few weeks to do a study. She also mentioned working in the UCLA lab, which could be where she worked full time as a researcher. At the end of the series, Amy’s knowledge of neuroscience helped Sheldon with his work in physics, which ultimately earned the two of them a Nobel Prize.

one Stuart: business owner

Stuart’s business is a main location in the series. As the owner of the comic book store, Stuart had a hard time getting his business off the ground, but it finally paid off later in the series. It is not known if he was really passionate about owning a store, but his degree from the Rhode Island School of Design showed that he enjoyed comic book illustrations. It was great for fans to see their business finally turning a profit at the end of the series.

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