The biggest PlayStation game franchises are likely to come to Android and iOS

A new job listing shows that PlayStation Studios is interested in hiring someone who can lead a mobile gaming-focused initiative for the brand.

A job list for a Mobile Manager position indicates Play station Studios is looking to expand its reach to the mobile side of the gaming business. Make no mistake, the PlayStation brand and mobile games aren’t exactly strange. Many may remember the publication of PlayStation Mobile Inc. Unexplored fortune hunter on Android and iOS in May 2016.

Similar to Square Enix’s mobile efforts with Hitman go and Lara Croft Go, Unexplored fortune hunter placed a blocky Nathan Drake in a grid-based puzzle adventure packed with deadly traps and other obstacles for players to master. The mobile title released in the days leading up to the launch of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, offering fans a new way to experience the challenges often associated with the franchise’s puzzle mechanics. PlayStation Mobile Inc. has brought other projects to the market in recent years as well, namely Run Sackboy! To run! and PlayStation-centric apps like Remote Play and PlayStation PlayLink. Clearly, Sony believes that it can extract more value from this particular vertical of its gaming brand.

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As discovered by Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad |, SIE recently published a list of jobs in Greenhouse for a position of Head of Mobile. The post doesn’t offer many specifics, but asks if applicants would like “lead mobile gaming development and strategy and help shape the future of gaming for a world-class studio?“Whoever Sony hires will also lead the expansion of game development across consoles, PCs, mobile devices, and live service platforms. According to the app, the chief mobile device can also look forward to leading a” team of mobile leaders “who will prove themselves integral part of a “new business unit within PlayStation Studios. “

The job listing suggests that Sony is willing to invest valuable resources to expand its presence in the mobile gaming space. When considering the astonishing success of Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG mobileIt’s easy to see why hardware manufacturing would be interested in such a viable area of ​​the business.

Despite the wide range of possibilities, this news may not sit well with some fans. Reports from the brand’s top brass allegedly exaggerating blockbuster releases have many PlayStation faithful honk their horns, pondering whether or not they are overconfident. Play station from the PS3 era reappears its head.

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Fountain: Greenhouse via Daniel Ahmad / Twitter

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