The most interesting character in Gnosia is Kukrushka

Gnosia’s cast is as deceptive as its gameplay, which this character’s sweet appearance demonstrates by hiding a sinister persona with an intertwined backstory.

Gnosia‘s port to Nintendo Switch and exposure to a global audience has made it a hit game with a huge following, and for good reason. Not just a gamer Among us but a very metahistory experience for players to discover with fascinating character stories that act as subplots. Some are more mundane, the kind you’d find in JRPGs, but others are more intricate, breaking the fourth wall, and even contributing to the main plot points. Among them, there is a character that stands out the most and it is the silent and modest Kukrushka.

She walks in after a few loops next to Jonas and the two seem to bond as he answers for her and talks about her fondly. She is a sweet looking girl who does not speak and instead communicates through body language. She is not Yuriko in terms of statistics, but she is more intertwined with the narrative than any other character and has unexpected ties to others as well. It has a very surprising story and if you don’t want spoilers for Gnosia, now may be the time to read a different article.

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Kukrushka appears as a human, but is not as the player later discovers by Yuriko. She is one of the two twin dolls Jonas bought before the events of the game because they look like a long dead love of his. It’s creepy on Jonas’s part, but Kukrushka hides far worse secrets. It is unclear how long they have been together or if it is a different doll in each. In each loop, she uses her innocent looks and charms to get people on her side, which is suspicious, but her story runs much deeper than the player might imagine.

Eventually, it is revealed that she is no longer Jonas’s strange doll, but is instead possessed by SQ’s mother through similar means to the characters that Gnos possess. It is even more complicated than it seems. SQ’s mother Manan was not a good person and came from an unusual world where slavery was common. Remnan is, in fact, one of those runaway slaves and, more specifically, Manan’s. Players entering Gnosia You may notice that Remnan is especially uncomfortable with SQ and that is because Manan has hinted that she may be his daughter. However, this is not true, as SQ was created in a capsule a year before the events of the game. Manan simply torments him because he escaped. He even goes as far as murdering everyone on the ship except Remnan as Kukrushka in one particular outcome only to corner him.

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Her purpose was to become a vessel for her mother, and she is partially affected by the fact that Manan has the same DNA. When SQ is a Gnosia, she is actually possessed by Manan, even if Kukrushka is active. Manan’s entire goal is to become immortal, and SQ is just a plan for that. He later got another chance to make this happen and it’s what triggered the whole game. Manan obtained a Silver Key like Setsu and the player, and put a plan in place to create the time cycle.

She was offered to be placed on the Kukrushka wrists in exchange for a Silver Key and the opportunity to create an infinite time cycle. She then starts this cycle by killing the player and trapping everyone inside with her, including SQ, her possible ship, and Remnan, the slave she wants to re-possess. Manan, or Kukrushka, is an important part of the game’s plot and has a far more sinister past than her sweet face shows. Gnosia it’s deceptive in more ways than the main gameplay, and Kukrushka is the proof.

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