The original Mad Max hinted at the fate of Immortan Joe’s Fury Road

Oddly enough, the original 1979 Mad Max foreshadowed the death of Immortan Joe in the 2015 sequel, Fury Road, decades before the movie came out.

Original from 1979 Mad max shares many parallels with its higher octane 2015 sequel Path of furyBut one of the strangest are the first movie’s two nods to the gruesome fate of the franchise villain Immortan Joe. Released in 1979, the scanty and gritty revenge thriller Mad max was a huge hit with audiences around the world, making Mel Gibson the overnight star in the title role and spawning a trio of critically acclaimed sci-fi action sequels.

The original Mad max It was a darker and more robust story than its unlikely sequels, which took place before the off-screen apocalypse that the Mad max the series centers around. During the action of Mad max, the social breakdown has begun, but the main character is still trying to keep the peace in his job as a rookie cop in a crime-ridden metropolis, while in the aftermath he’s a wanderer moving from one post-apocalyptic tribal community to another. In a lawless wasteland

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However, despite the great difference that exists between the augmented reality of 2015 Mad Max: Fury Road and the original grounded Mad maxBoth films share a lot of DNA. For one thing, Path of fury tells a story similar to the original Mad max, albeit from Furiosa’s perspective, and thus touches on similar themes of social decay in the process. Strangely, however, the sooner Mad max He also presented not one but two separate cases of characters that foreshadowed the exact way in which Path of furyThe central antagonist, cult leader Immortan Joe, dies at the end of the film (specifically, when his face is ripped off).

hugh keays byrne toecutter immortan joe

Interestingly, the original from 1979 Mad max features two references to characters losing face, one of which is spoken by the same actor who would eventually play Immortan Joe, Hugh Keays-Byrne. Long before playing the leader of a misogynistic cult, Hugh Keays-Byrne played Mad maxvillain Toecutter (although his unforgettable performance was inexcusably dubbed by the American edition of Mad max). During the action of Mad max, Toecutter tells the main character’s doomed wife, Jessie, “You lose face, you have nothing.” This advice would eventually prove true for your Path of fury villain who is killed when Furiosa places her mask on the wheels of her rig, ripping the device off and taking her face with it in the process.

This might be a strange coincidence, but what makes the moment weirder for viewers rewatching the Mad max The series is another moment in the original film that also hints at this specific bloody fate. Max’s doomed partner Goose tells a restaurant anecdote about a gruesome car accident where a man’s face was ripped off, which, again, is exactly how Immortan Joe gets out of the action of Path of fury. Interestingly, this could also have been an abandoned omen for Goose’s own character, who is badly burned and is presumed dead at the end of Mad max. Originally, Goose was meant to be revealed as the invisible face behind Lord Humungus’s mask at the end of Mad maxthe first sequel The road warrior. Regardless, it is one of the strangest coincidences in the Mad max franchise, and one that acts as a solid (albeit potentially unintentional) omen.

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