The silver coin No. 1 Brings Bloody Terror to Image Comics Horror Anthology

Image Comics’ horror anthology series The Silver Coin begins with the bloodthirsty indie story of Michael Walsh and Chip Zdarsky.

There is something in the middle of comics that is indeed well suited to the horror genre, and the latest horror anthology series from Image Comics. The silver coin he’s prepared to reinforce that feeling. Boasting a stellar roster of comic creators crafting independent stories each month, Michael Walsh and Chip Zdarksy team up for the inaugural edition of the anthology title, bringing in the bloody scares and setting an impressive standard for creative teams to come. , is a strong debut for the series.

Set in 1978, at the beginning of the decline of rock and roll and the increasing ubiquity of disco music in the American music scene, the story of Zdarsky and Walsh follows a young band relegated to playing empty bars as the sensibilities of the Pop culture changes with the times. Faced with diminishing prospects, the gang leader discovers a mysterious silver coin, and the gang’s fortunes quickly begin to reverse for the better. But as this idealistic, hard-rock guitarist horribly discovers, both fame and magic come at a dark price, and that cost may be too high for him to pay and live to enjoy the glory of his coveted success.

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Zdarsky is crafting a period horror story, but, aside from the constant mockery of the disco genre, it’s a timeless story, with the period of time only flavoring the procedures rather than defining them. There is real value to this standalone story, one filled with mounting tension and creeping dread as Zdarsky quietly brings the characters into play and introduces them before actually letting go for the inevitable payoff. The self-contained nature of the story means that this issue is deadly, with no filler, literally, as the creative team put together a tight and concise story that wastes no time bringing in the terror after establishing its premise and main cast.

Walsh, who draws this issue with pencil, ink, colors and letters and remains the constant co-creator of the series and its rotating roster, leans toward the possibilities of the time period and the premise of the gripping effect. Again, this whole issue has a more timeless feel to it from its surroundings, but, with its color scheme and use of shade, that lingering sense of unease and threat is present and constantly intensifying throughout the issue. . What begins, visually, as the story of a bar band in the heart of the ’70s America turns into something much more nightmarish, with Walsh underscoring this with haunting facial work and designs that become progressively more optimistic. and twisted as the insidious nature of the coin of the same name is. gradually revealed throughout the story, culminating in a truly memorable climax.

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Created by Michael Walsh, Chip Zdarsky, Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, and Jeff Lemire, The silver coin he’s certainly got off to a good start with the Walsh and Zdarsky story. Zdarsky hands over the baton to Thompson for next month’s issue, with Walsh and Thompson set to deliver a story that leans toward the horror of the teenage slasher in the 1990s as a masked killer known only as the Coin attacks. silver. And if this opener is an indicator, The silver coin is set up to deliver different kinds of horror stories from comic book makers working to the height of their artistic powers, linked only nominally by the varying presence of a silver coin. Horror anthologies live and die by the force of the talent involved, and with the roster behind The silver coin, Image has another blow of terror on his hands.

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