The Valheim farmer does an in-game commercial for turnips

A talented gamer from Valheim puts his old professional voice actor skills to use by filming incredibly stylish farm commercials in the game.

As a survival title Valheim It only has so many ending activities, forcing one talented gamer to invent another by shooting a brilliant in-game commercial focused on turnips. But while the final part of the From Valheim The early access release is a bit less exciting gameplay wise, developers sometimes give players additional reasons to invest their time in the game world.

Recently, Valheim The developers at Iron Gate Studios asked the community to share the most impressive construction projects they have ever executed in the game. Unsurprisingly, there was literally no question as numerous players were quick to read the comments to demonstrate their inventions. More importantly, most Valheim The constructions sent by the players were worth admiring, as there were even authentic replicas of game of Thrones‘Winterfell and The Lord of the rings‘Edoras.

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The end game part Valheim it is similar to most other survival games in that players have to entertain themselves. This is exactly what a talented gamer TheNarrator11 he did, demonstrating some nifty activity in a video on Reddit. After achieving all the main goals of the game, the player decided to start doing commercials, and the first one is dedicated to turnips. Although it may seem silly, the video (shown below) brilliantly describes From Valheim turnips as they advertise the fictional Homestead farms, supposedly blessed by Freyr, the Norse god traditionally associated with harvesting crops.

The quality of the commercial is astonishing and, in fact, there is a good reason for it. It turns out that the author previously worked as a professional voice actor, which he admitted in the comment section. The player still loves direct voice acting, and since it is primarily a hobby, they now decided to combine it with another leisure activity – playing games. Valheim. After meeting overwhelmingly positive reception from the fan community, the author made a promising confession that a second Valheim commercial was already in the works.

Valheim The ingenuity of the players is showing a lot recently. Not long ago, a determined Viking survivor took the time to maximize his melee ability, finally turning his Valheim character in the equal of One Punch Man. True to the nature of the aforementioned anime hero, the player was able to kill all the bosses in Valheim with a single hit.

Valheim is now at that point of popularity where the game is slowly outgrowing itself by going beyond the confines of the game and becoming a pop culture phenomenon. This is clearly demonstrated by another talented gamer who decided to apply his real life skills to the survival title, resulting in a transmedia artwork that cannot be seen directly in-game, but serves as an attractive advertisement for him ( and by From Valheim turnip growing possibilities) however.

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Valheim is available for PC through Steam Early Access.

Fountain: TheNarrator11 / Reddit

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