The vampire diaries universe now spans more than a decade. Started with The Vampire Diaries, moved into a spin-off with The originals after the Michaelson family left Mystic Falls for New Orleans, and continues now with Legacies. Even in the next generation, villains abound in many forms, shapes, and forms.

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Many of the villains had tragic stories that made other characters feel bad for them. Many others were simply evil. Fans loved and hated them, but most can agree that there were a few who barely lived up to the title of “villain.”

10 Dragon Girl: Season 1, Episode 2 – Legacies

Split image from The Vampire Diaries Legacies of the Dragon Girl

Alaric meets a girl who seems shy and in trouble in the second episode of Legacies. He quickly discovers that she is extremely dangerous when she shoots fire. Despite this awesome power, he left in one episode and his sole purpose seems to be to introduce the concept of dragons and The Malivore.

Alaric stabs her and sends her to The Malivore, a well that catches everything stabbed with the knife attached to it. Dragons are also said to like to steal treasures to hide in their hair. Many fans found this to be an odd and somewhat unconvincing feature for a villain.

9 Lily Salvatore: End of Season 6 – Mid Season 7 – The Vampire Diaries

Split image of Lily Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Damon’s mother emerged from her prison world with one thought in mind: to get back the heretics they had left behind by any means necessary. She betrayed her children and caused Jo’s death at her wedding and Alaric’s when she associated with Kai.

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When she got her “family” back, her next singular obsession was to win back her lover, Julian. This set off a series of events that affected everyone in the series and others in the Vampire Diaries universe.. In the end, Lily takes her own life, thinking that she is still linked to Julian’s, although she is not, in her twisted attempt at redemption.

8 Father Kieran O ‘Connell: Season 1 – The Originals

Father Keiran in The Vampire Diaries Originals.  Two images side by side.

Leader of “The Faction,” the human element of power in New Orleans, and Camille’s uncle, Father Kieran was willing to do whatever it took to gain power as a human.

He worked with witches, who broke Marcel’s rules in an attempt to defeat Marcel and his vampires. His hatred eventually led to his demise, but what really made him one of the most cowardly villains was that he had a ton of dark objects at his disposal and barely touched the surface of the power they might have given him.

7 Sybil, Seline and Cade: Season 8 – The Vampire Diaries

Collage of Sybil, Seline and Cade in The Vampire Diaries

This trio has almost no goal other than to kill people with abandon. All they want is more souls in their capture because they eat people to maintain their powers. They have no empathy.

The events that resulted from their presence on the show were significant, but as characters, most fans felt they were flat and annoying. The worst consequence was the enslavement of Enzo and Damon to carry out Sybil’s orders. The time they spent with her brought out the worst in both of them and led to several torturous decisions for both of them.

6 Celeste Dubois: Season 1 – The Originals

This witch spirit was so hell-bent on taking revenge on the Michaelson family that it was willing to hurt the unborn Hope to make them suffer. He possessed Sabine Laurent to carry out his plans and had been possessing bodies throughout the centuries since her death, biding his time until he could take revenge.

Celeste’s motivation, in the eyes of fans, was somewhat lame and did not justify her actions at all. However, her methods were devious and calculated, raising her through the ranks of the villains.

5 The Trinity: Season 3 & 4 – The Originals

Collage of the Trinity and the Michaelsons in The Vampire Diaries Originals

The first vampires spawned by the Original Family, these three are known as “The Trinity” and are graceful, wealthy, and manipulative. The Original Family forced them to believe that THEY were the siblings who sired them, so that Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah could escape their vampire-hunting murderous father once again. The compulsion and centuries of life on the run after that drove The Trinity completely insane.

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His actions resulted in Camille becoming a vampire, and the original siblings dissociating themselves so they could be killed. Tristan tortured and executed Jackson in front of Hailey and created the werewolf toxin serum that turned Marcel into an improved version of an original vampire. Marcel then pushed Elijah’s memories away, causing Hailey’s death, and luring in The Hollow, who nearly killed everyone and killed Klaus and Elijah.

4 The Necromancer: Season 1 and 2+ – Legacies

The Malivore was an endless pit of darkness and emptiness, but The Necromancer found a way out and then found a way to use The Malivore to his advantage. Since his power lay in controlling the dead, he was able to draw monsters and other creatures from The Malivore and lay them on his enemies.

The Necromancer also seeks fame, as well as power. His dramatic style with everything he does makes him quite cool in the eyes of fans.

3 Kai Parker: Season 6 and 7 – The Vampire Diaries and Season 2 – Legacies

Kai Parker, two images of him in the head side by side from The Vampire Diaries Legacies and Original

Trapped in a 1994 prison world for several decades, Kai is an assassin who wants all the power he can amass. He believes himself better than anyone and, as a siphon, he can take the power of others and use them for himself, but it doesn’t last. This little warning has you manipulating and trying to keep finding and absorbing more power.

Kai kills everyone in his way in the way that he believes will hurt everyone else the most. The most notable death he enacted was that of Jo, pregnant with the next Gemini twins on their wedding day. After this, he was sent to another prison world, but escaped again to terrorize Alaric, Hope, and their family in Legacies. Fans were in love with his 1990s style and cruelty in not one but two shows throughout. The vampire diaries universe until Alaric kills him. On the other hand, many do not believe that Kai is really dead.

two Katherine Pierce: Seasons 2-8 – The Vampire Diaries

Katerina Petrova, aka Katherine Pierce, is sexy, smart, and devious. Fans love and hate her every time she reveals her plan, repeatedly returns from certain death, and delivers hilarious catchphrases as she gets it all done. She wouldn’t be caught undead without her signature leather motorcycle jacket and sky-high stilettos. She becomes queen of hell and is the latest villain. The vampire diaries crew fights, ending in Stefan’s final death right after he finally married Caroline.

Katherine Pierce was a survivor, from the baby she lost at 15, to her own death, becoming a vampire and then avoiding her final human death by taking Elena’s body with a Traveler spell to finally fight through literal hell to get revenge.

1 Klaus Michaelson: Season 2-4 – The Vampire Diaries & The Originals – Season 1-5

Klaus was the original hybrid, the villain of a millennium, an artist, a father, and a king among vampires. He started out as the son of a poor farmer and rose to the highest level of vampire society. His werewolf father was from a prominent family.

Her daughter is the first and only “Tribrid”, a descendant of her family (the original witch and the original vampires) and the Lebonaires, Hailey’s family. Almost all of the great villains of The vampire diaries The universe is created from or connected to Klaus.

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