The X’s: Nickelodeon’s Forgotten Answer to The Incredibles

Here’s a look at The X’s, a short-lived Nickelodeon series about a family of secret agents trying to balance saving the world with suburban life.

When it comes to children’s cartoons, especially those that air on Nickelodeon, there are a number that transcends generations. Regardless of how old you are, you are probably familiar with animated series like Sponge Bob Square Pants, The pretty Godparents Y Rugrats – at least up to a point. On the contrary, there are also the cartoons for which “you just had to be there.” These are the series that fell into oblivion after being taken off the air, usually after very short races. As such, many of these shows are only truly remembered by the kids who watched them when they originally aired. The X it’s one of those shows.

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Created by Carlos Ramos, who previously worked at Nickelodeon ChalkZoneThe X it premiered on November 25, 2005 and ran for a single season. Its initial run lasted exactly one year, concluding on November 25, 2006. A total of 20 episodes were produced, although only 19 made it to the air.

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The X The opening title sequence actually establishes its premise quite thoroughly. Soon, The X follows a family of secret agents who are quite capable of saving the world, though not exactly good at fitting into suburban life. The patriarch of the family is Mr. X, first name Tucker (Patrick Warburton), who is joined by his combat specialist wife, Mrs. X, first name Trudy (Wendie Malick). They have two children, 16-year-old Tuesday X team researcher (Lynsey Bartilson) and 10-year-old technology expert Truman X (Jansen Panettiere). The Xs live in an AI-operated house called Home Base (Stephen Root) and, early in the series, add a dog named Rex X (Dee Bradley Baker) to the family.

The family works for a secret agency called SUPERIOR, and has sworn to fight against the villain Glowface and his evil organization SNAFU (Society of Nefarious and Criminal Companies). Other members of SNAFU include Glowface’s butler Lorenzo Suave and the monstrous Sasquatch, the latter of whom was played by none other than the late and great “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

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After its premiere in 2005, The X was compared to the 2004 Pixar movie The Incredibles. It’s not exactly hard to see why, as its premise is very similar, albeit with a spy motif rather than a superhero one. Interestingly, comparisons were also made between The X and JJ Abrams’ ABC spy drama Alias. With that said, the series creator Ramos explained that his Nickelodeon show was actually inspired by James bond Films, Avengers comics and the original Be smart TV series from the 1960s.

For what it was The X It was a fun and charming spy series for kids, and there’s definitely something to be said for its star-studded voice cast. But since it was canceled after one season and only 19 episodes aired, the show has mostly been lost in time. Following its completion on Nickelodeon in 2006, reruns of The X began airing on Nicktoons Network, but they were pulled off the air in October 2008.

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Replays briefly returned to the renowned Nicktoons since seven years later, in December 2015, as part of the week-long “Nicktoons Holladays” marathon. However, the show disappeared once again as soon as the event ended, although a high-quality version of its opening theme was uploaded on the Nickelodeon Cartoon Universe YouTube channel in 2016 as part of Nick’s “25 Years of Animation” celebration.

It’s more, The X never had its own home video release, with only two episodes hitting DVD as part of Nickelodeon Nick’s Picks build series. It also cannot be streamed in the United States, as it is missing from the top three streaming platforms to host Nickelodeon programming: Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount +. The X it’s technically on Amazon, but it’s not available to US viewers, and even then it’s incomplete on the platform, with only 12 episodes listed. On top of that, barring a few odd exceptions, Nickelodeon just doesn’t acknowledge the show’s existence as much.

The X was a quirky cartoon that seemed to disappear from our screens as soon as it arrived, a fate that unfortunately befell a number of fledgling Nickelodeon shows in the mid-2000s, such as Cat scratch Y El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. But while it has likely been forgotten by many, it certainly has not been forgotten by all.

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