ThunderCats Movie: Adam Wingard’s Live Action Reboot Casting

Adam Wingard’s new ThunderCats reboot has yet to announce any casting decisions, so the door is open for potential actors to fill these iconic roles.

It was recently announced that Adam Wingard would write and direct a new ThunderCats restart. This announcement stems from the success of his latest film. Godzilla vs KongAlthough nothing has been said about the cast of the film yet. This means that potentially anyone can be cast in the roles of this upcoming fantasy epic. The added benefit of ThunderCats Being a well-known property is that you don’t need to launch big stars, but the brand itself is the point of sale.

ThunderCats It was part of a wave of action-adventure cartoons in the 1980s that became incredibly popular with children of the time. The show, along with others like The man and Transformers, was primarily a commercial for the toy line that featured the various characters from the series. This was a fairly common practice thanks to Ronald Reagan scrapping the old regulations when it comes to advertising to children, but still, ThunderCats instantly became loved. He created a franchise that spawned video games, merchandise, and even cartoon reboots in 2011 and 2020. Despite its place in popular culture, there has yet to be a big-screen adaptation of the show. Different versions of feature films of ThunderCats They have been in development for decades, but none of them have gotten off the ground. The closest that came to happening was a CGI animated movie announced in 2007 but canceled in 2010.

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This is where Adam Wingard comes in. You are the next and The guest The director has been a lifelong fan ThunderCats, even going as far as writing a script for a ThunderCats movie since I was in high school. Leaving your success in command Godzilla vs Kong has proven that he can deliver a big budget show, which, coupled with his passion for the franchise, makes him the perfect choice to take on the project. There have already been fantastic reinterpretations of classic 80s cartoons, like the ones from 2018. She-Ra and the princesses of power But this movie has the potential to set the standard for cartoon-to-movie adaptations. Part of that is choosing a good cast to fill these iconic roles. These are just a few of the actors that could be a good fit with the Thundercats and the other inhabitants of Third Earth.

Leon-O: Ludi Lin

Lion-O is the young and fearless Lord of the ThunderCats and the main protagonist of the television show, and Ludi Lin could be the perfect actor to play him. In the original series, Lion-O is actually a boy trapped in the body of a young man. When the Thunderians fled the destruction of their home world and traveled to Third Earth, Lion-O’s suspension pod malfunctioned, causing him to age physically but not mentally. If Wingard’s film uses this plot point, the actor playing Lion-O should be able to capture this childlike energy along with Lion-O’s leadership qualities, nobility, and physical prowess as a warrior. Ludi Lin is not only a skilled martial artist, but also an incredibly likable screen presence. He broke out playing Zack in 2017. Forest ranger movie, where he showed off his talent, funny energy and emotional range and put it to use in a fierce role as Captain Murk in Aquaman. He is also set to play Liu Kang in this year. Mortal Kombat.

Cheetara: Haley Lu Richardson

Haley Lu Richardson is one of the best actresses working today and she could bring a lot to the role of Cheetara. A brave and cunning warrior, Cheetara is one of the most capable members of Team ThunderCats and often serves as a voice of reason. Richardson could give Cheetara credibility and a real sense of pathos. She has been absolutely stellar in movies like Edge of seventeen, Colon, and Support the girls playing a wide variety of roles in different genres. She has the rank, but hasn’t applied it to any major franchise yet, so ThunderCats it could be your chance to play in that space.

Guard: Keith David

Jaga is like Obi-Wan Kenobi from ThunderCats franchise. In his youth, he was a great and noble warrior, but dies saving the rest of the main cast early in the story. He then becomes a ghost on Third Earth and serves as Lion-O’s mentor as he assumes responsibility for the Sword of Omens. A role like this would require a wise presence with a commanding voice (since his ghost form will likely be mostly CGI) and there is no one more suitable than veteran character actor Keith David. While he is often known for his more sinister performances as Dr. Facilier in The princess and the frogWhen it comes to both screen appearances and voice acting, Keith David has over 300 IMDb credits and has played every type of character you can imagine. With a voice and story like his, he could credibly be a noble leader giving wise advice from the grave and could make the most of any limited amount of screen time that could be given him.

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Tygra: Noah Segan

Noah Segan is another highly experienced character actor, best known for being a frequent contributor to screenwriter / director Rian Johnson, playing memorable roles in films such as Brick, Looper, and Knives out. While these have often been comedic or seedy roles for him, he is capable of turning things around with a role like Tygra. Tygra is often seen as Lion-O’s second-in-command and is a staunch and no-nonsense warrior, scientist, and architect. Even without his work with Rian Johnson, Segan has the experience and talent to bring those qualities to the role and serve as a quiet counterweight to Ludi Lin’s Lion-O, who would be more brash and optimistic in his leadership.

Panthro: Mike Colter

Panthro is the ThunderCats’ chief mechanic, engineer, and pilot, as well as being one of their physically strongest warriors. Mike Colter, best known for starring Luke cage on Netflix, it could fit the role perfectly. He has the physical presence, intelligence, charm, humor, and anger that blend into Panthro’s unique personality. It has the makings of a solid supporting role within the story that an actor like Mike Colter could really embody and make his own.

WilyKat and WilyKit: Faithe Herman and Evan Alex

The pair of siblings sometimes referred to as the Thunderkittens, Kit and Kat were the same age as Lion-O when their spaceship left Thundera, but their suspension pods did not malfunction and thus they remained as children. . They were trained and equipped by Jaga to adapt to their new home on Third Earth. Evan Alex and Faithe Herman, two very talented young and promising actors, could be a good fit for the Thunderkittens. They both have some experience with genre pieces. Alex is primarily known for starring in the Jordan Peele movie. We while Herman has been part of larger budgeted projects like Shazam! and HBO’s Watchers. They are both at an age on the cusp of becoming teenagers right now, so they could credibly participate in whatever action scene is required of them and they could grow up alongside many sequels that follow Wingard’s first film.

Snarf: Tom wait

It has been argued that no one likes Snarf. It’s a common opinion, even from people who know very little about ThunderCats, that Snarf is just an annoying sidekick of the kind that was common in ’80s cartoons. The 2011 and 2020 reboots of the show decided that Snarf would not speak up and go. more of a pet for the ThunderCats than a person. Wingard’s movie may do something similar, but that’s wrong for a simple reason: It’s objectively fun to imagine Tom Waits playing Snarf. Waits is similar to David Bowie in that he is one of the most successful examples of a musician becoming an actor as well. He has had great performances in films such as seven psychopaths and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Snarf is technically the oldest member of the ThunderCats and used to babysit Lion-O before Lion-O became an adult. Having Tom Waits’ deep voice coming out of Snarf while playing an old, curmudgeonly version of him who always talks about old times and constantly worries about Lion-O has the potential to provide some great comic relief to the film.

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Mumm-Ra: Richard Brake

Finally, the villain of the story: Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra is an immortal demon-priest who has preserved his life thanks to his mastery of dark magic. He is a classic 80s cartoon villain and while, like He-Man and the Masters of the UniverseSkeletor, his seriousness is sometimes played for a laugh, a live-action version of him demands the kind of threat that often accompanies reinterpretations of these characters. Richard Brake could bring that threat. He has often been cast as villains over the years in movies and shows like The mandalorian, where he played Valin Hess, Joe Chill in The beginning of batman, Thor: The Dark World, and To spyOne of the most memorable examples being the original actor who played the Night King in game of Thrones. Just seeing him in the season 5 episode “Hardhome” may be enough to convince you of what he could do with an even bigger role as Mumm-Ra.

Adam Wingard is a unique emerging voice in the genre film world. Whoever decides to release their version of ThunderCats you would certainly be able to recognize the passion you have for the franchise, as well as your passion for something like Godzilla vs Kong. Hopefully you can match that level of passion and help bring the world of the Thunderians to life.

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