Tim Cook hints at more than just an Apple car

In an interview with the New York Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that the company’s work in autonomous technology could extend beyond a car.

From Apple Tim Cook has hinted that the company is moving closer to an autonomous car, but also that Apple’s work in the area extends beyond the legendary Apple car. Cook seems to have had clues in the world about more autonomous tech developments at Apple. The company is said to have been working on the car project for years, but Cook’s comments reinforce recent stories that Apple isn’t just focusing on one car.

Rumors about Apple’s alleged development of an electric car began circulating in 2015. At the time, electric car technology was still in its infancy, let alone autonomous car technology. Even Tesla was nowhere near the heights it has reached today. Since then, reports on the Apple car have come and gone over the years. The rumors peaked recently when it was reported that Apple was in talks with Hyundai and Kia, but the talks are said to be no longer ongoing.

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In an interview with The New York Times, Tim Cook answered some questions about the autonomous car. Although the interview focused more on the company’s current political activities in the United States, Cook took time to acknowledge the company’s technological developments. As always, the Apple boss avoided giving definitive answers, but said: “an autonomous car is a robot. So there are many things you can do independently. “

Do we get more than a smart car?

Apple Car Highway

Though coyly hidden under more ambiguous language, Cook’s comments hint at the company’s potential plans. In a further comment, he mentioned that Apple prefers “integrate hardware, software and services“into a single product. Whatever Apple is planning is more than just a car. More realistically, Apple is likely preparing an operating system and type of service specifically designed for one or more types of vehicles. It is Too early to say how safe it will be, but there are some possibilities.

In addition to a consumer-owned production car, different applications for an Apple autonomous vehicle could include an autonomous taxi or a delivery service. Cook’s reference to the possibilities with autonomy coupled with Apple’s innovation capacity even raises the possibility of a new kind of vehicle, like an autonomous last-mile personal transporter of some kind. In fact, it also suggests possibilities beyond vehicles. Apple’s autonomy R&D could have applications to automate other parts of our lives, such as at home. That would align with the company’s work on smart home products.

Whatever products emerge from this, they are sure to be deeply integrated with Apple’s existing and growing ecosystem. A subscription robotaxi service, for example, offered as the Fitness + subscription service, could expand Apple’s offering and attract more users to its ecosystem as a whole. Meanwhile, a car that integrates with Apple’s broader ecosystem could allow users to seamlessly access their smart home devices before they get home.

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