Top 10 Spider-Man Comic Relationships They Should Bring To The MCU

When it comes down to it, Spider-Man is one of the best-known solo superheroes in comic book history. He is also famous for his close relationships with other comic book heroes, no doubt aided by the animated series. Spider-Man and his amazing friends. But so far, many of his best comedic friendships have yet to appear in the MCU.

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A big part of that is the complicated rights issues that divided major Marvel characters across different movie studios in the past. That is now largely resolved, allowing Marvel Studios to tap into the legacy of the Spider-Man comics in its entirety. These are some of his best friends who may appear in the MCU in the near future.

10 Spider man and ice man

Spider man and ice man

Spider-Man and Iceman are a great duo mainly because of their time together on the legendary Spider-Man and his amazing friends series that aired between 1981 and 1983 on NBC. The two have also been friendly in the comics. They share a similar sense of humor and they were both very young when they got into superheroes.

They’ve both been a bit self-conscious about it in regards to other heroes, with Bobby being the ‘youngster’ in the X-Men and Spider-Man often being the junior partner of teams like the Fantastic Four in the early days. . With the X-Men’s debut in the MCU looking to be on the horizon, this friendship would be great to show off.

9 Spider-Man and Firestar

One friendship that could appear in the MCU, and that it should, is with Firestar. Angelica Jones has a unique history in Marvel. She shares similarities with DC Comics icon Harley Quinn, as she first appeared in a cartoon before officially becoming part of comic book canon.

In the animated series, she was a friend and sometimes a romantic interest to Spider-Man, but in the comics, she has been a solid friend for decades. That said, in some alternate timelines and universes in the comics, there is still some romantic tension between the two.

8 Spider-Man and Captain Marvel

Spider-Man and Captain Marvel have shared only a brief exchange in the MCU so far, but it does show a bit why Carol Danvers and Peter Parker are friends in the comics. Over the years, the two have established themselves as close friends and allies.

They can seem like an odd couple, with Peter often delivering a lot of witty jokes and phrases, and Carol being quite serious and focused on the mission at hand. But he brightens her up a bit and he definitely serves as a model not just for a good hero, but for a friend.

7 Spider-Man and Luke Cage

Spider-Man Peter Parker Luke Cage The Punisher Frank Castle Marvel Civil War

Luke Cage and Spider-Man are heroes who live and fight in New York City, but it took them a while to get close. They didn’t do it until New avengers It was in the early 2000s when both men joined the team. After that, they became friends, even if there were some uneven parts at first.

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With Luke Cage being part of the canceled Netflix Marvel streaming series and potentially joining the MCU, this is a friendship that could and should appear in the franchise as soon as possible.

6 Spider-man and deadpool

Deadpool and Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Deadpool are one of the most unlikely Spider-Man friendships in the comics. It’s probably the most unlikely in the MCU as well, but with Deadpool 3 coming up under the MCU umbrella, it’s certainly possible.

One thing is for sure: the two on screen would be a laughing riot. They share a love of humor and pranks, and Deadpool owes Spider-Man a great debt in terms of looks and personality. However, Deadpool has become much more meta than Spider-Man has been.

5 Spider-Man and She-Hulk

Spider-Man helping She-Hulk fight

Another Marvel Comics character with a meta reader relationship is She-Hulk. With She-Hulk getting her own Disney + streaming series in the near future, this friendship has a great chance to appear on screen.

Both Spider-Man and She-Hulk have a fun sense of humor, which makes their outfits a lot of fun. Her adventures never get too serious, although she represented him in court against J. Jonah Jameson once when Spidey sued. The Daily Bugle slander and libel editor.

4 Spider man and black cat

Black Cat and Spider-Man flirting

Spider-Man’s greatest love is Mary Jane Watson, in the movies and in the comics. But there are always other suitors and one of the most interesting is Black Cat. Felicia Hardy is sometimes frustrated, sometimes friends with the Wall-Crawler and always flirtatious.

Their dynamic is so much fun, and it’s easy to see how their complicated friendship would make great stories in the MCU. The two have taken on many other great Spider-Man villains together, making her a great option for the MCU at some point in the near future.

3 Spider-Man and Daredevil

An important connection from the Spider-Man comics that can happen in the very near future of the MCU is with Daredevil. Like Luke Cage, Spider-Man and Daredevil are superheroes from New York City. However, their friendship goes back much further, practically to the beginning of their careers.

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Attorney Matt Murdock doesn’t have much in common with Peter Parker, but they share similar backgrounds and perspectives to help others. Daredevil may be helping Spider-Man with some legal matters in Spider-Man: No way home, if the speculation of the fans turns out to be correct.

two Spider-man and wolverine

Wolverine Spider-Man Fist Bump

Spider-Man and Logan are definitely an unlikely pair. Peter Parker is young and jovial, while Logan is older and much tougher around the edges. However, the two share a close friendship. They bring out the best in each other and always protect each other.

Like Luke Cage, they didn’t really consolidate until they were both part of the Avengers. Their previous encounters were much more tense, including one in which the two were embroiled in a battle in which Wolverine’s strangest romantic partners, Charlemagne, perished.

one Spider-Man and Johnny Storm

Spider-Man Human Torch

Spider-Man and Human Torch are, in many ways, Spidey’s greatest friendship in the comics. Their close bond dates back to the beginning when Spider-Man first encountered the Fantastic Four in Amazing spider man # 1 in the 60’s.

The arrogant Johnny Storm did not get along with the equally joker Peter Parker at first, but they quickly bonded, sharing many adventures together over the years. Human torch would have appeared in Spider-Man and his amazing friends, but rights problems prevented it and led to the creation of Firestar.

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