Walking Dead Comics Cover Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment are using variant covers not only to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, but also to raise funds for charities.

A next The Walking Dead The comic book cover celebrates AAPI Heritage Month and it’s not the only one. Various covers for titles of Image comics will be part of this celebration that hopes to benefit the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. The company seeks to combine its words of support for the AAPI community with real actions. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Heritage months like this are meant to celebrate the achievements, history and cultural identity of the respective communities. The increase in harassment of the AAPI community over the past year has also created an increased need for action. Image Comics is trying to meet the challenge of combating this harassment by celebrating the contributions that AAPI artists and writers make to the comic book industry.Related: Why The Walking Dead Comics Were Black And White, Not Explained In ColorImage comics has partnered with Skybound Entertainment, a media company owned by renowned comic book creator Robert Kirkman, to release variant covers to raise money for the AAPI community. All variant covers are said to have been drawn by AAPI creators. According to the press release, all proceeds from the sales of these particular variants will be donated to the Chinatown Community for Equitable Development (CCED). CCED is a “grassroots power” focused volunteer organization based in Los Angeles, California. Skybound Entertainment is based in Los Angeles, CA.

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So far, the only cover that has been revealed is Walking Dead Deluxe # 14. Other titles included in this effort are Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee # 11, Birthright # 49, Stillwater # 7, Ultramega # 3, The Walking Dead Deluxe No. 15, Excellence # 11, Y Manifest Destiny # 43. Artists have been announced for most titles, but not all. Ultramega Y Manifest Destiny I have yet to announce who will create their variant covers. Request information for these titles is the following:

  • POWER OF FIRE BY KIRKMAN & SAMNEE # 11 CVR B HENDERSON AAPI VAR (FOC 4/12, ON SALE 5/5) by Erica Henderson – Diamond Code FEB219190
  • WALKING DEAD DLX # 14 CVR D YOUNG AAPI VAR (MR) (FOC 4/12, ON SALE 5/5) by Ethan Young – Code Diamond FEB219192
  • BIRTH # 49 CVR B Su AAPI VAR (FOC 4/19, ON SALE 5/12) by EJ Su
  • STILLWATER # 7 CVR B Lee AAPI VAR (FOC 4/26, ON SALE 5/19) by Soo Lee
  • THE WALKING DEAD DELUXE # 15 CVR C YOUNG AAPI VAR (FOC 4/26, ON SALE 5/19) by Cynthia Young
  • EXCELLENCE # 11 CVR B Ha AAPI VAR (FOC 5/3, ON-SALE 5/26) by Robin Ha

The revealed cover of The Walking Dead Deluxe # 14 is illustrated by Ethan Young. It features Glenn Rhee, a fan favorite character from the series. When it came to the TV series, Glenn was a beloved character that many fans miss, so choosing him as the focus and first cover revealed is a nice move from Skybound and Image comics. Hopefully the other covers will be as shocking and impressive as this one for The Walking Dead. The efforts comic companies are putting in to celebrate communities and implement diverse creators at the forefront of storytelling and art making is something that is highly appreciated and should definitely continue.

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