The WandaVision showrunner reveals that in an alternate farewell scene, Vision was supposed to rejoin Scarlet Witch after she used a new spell.

WandaVision had an alternate ending scene between Scarlet Witch and Vision. It’s been over a month since Marvel Studios kicked off Phase 4 with its first Disney + series. While the MCU has gone on to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, new information about WandaVision has been revealed thanks to his showrunner, Matt Shakman.

Marvel Studios took a big turn with WandaVision, as it was nothing like the past of the MCU. Drawing narrative and visual inspiration from iconic sitcoms of the past, it was fun and intriguing with the premise that two Avengers would move to a suburb to live a quiet life. In reality, however, it is an article about Wanda’s trauma over the years, crowned by Vision’s death in Avengers: Infinity War. For nine episodes, the lovers were reunited and given a chance to experience normal family life, but since everything was created through Chaos Magic, the spell had to be removed, resulting in the couple saying goodbye again.

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Talking with The Empire Movie Podcast, Shakman reveals that the heartbreaking final scene between Wanda and Vision in the finale was filmed from the beginning. Time WandaVisionThe ending was reworked a couple of times due to various reasons, mostly sticking through throughout as it was part of its original tone. But a moment later it was discarded; Apparently, Scarlet Witch was going to use a spell to rejoin Vision with her. Shakman said:

That scene was shot early, it was shot a long time ago. It was early in the production schedule because it was written early in the process. And it was the heart of the show for me, some of that language was part of my speech. Originally, she had to perform a binding spell to bind her back to him. So that kind of magic piece changed.

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WandaVision Episode 8 Wanda creates a vision

Shakman didn’t reveal why they chose to cut the moment, but while he didn’t elaborate on what that would look like, it’s possible it could be a reverse effect of how Wanda inadvertently created Vision in Westview. In the end, like everyone else in his fantasy world, the Synthézoid disintegrated when the hex fell. It was a gradual disappearance, but when the couple said their goodbyes, there was a promise that they would somehow meet again. The WandaVision The scene was quiet and bleak, which made it that much sadder and more effective, so in hindsight everything could have turned out fine.

Given what is known about the cut scene, it would also have further emphasized just how powerful Scarlet Witch has become since the beginning of the show. As with the hex, he didn’t really understand how exactly he created pocket reality in Westview. It was only when Agatha Harkness explained that it was Chaos Magic that she found out. And yet the WandaVision The finale almost showed her actively investing what she created by pairing Vision with her.

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Source: The Empire Movie Podcast

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