What happened to Flavor Flav after Flavor Of Love ended?

While Flavor Flav is a famous member of the rap group Public Enemy, he gained new fans by starring in the entertaining reality show, Flavor of Love.

VH1’s Taste of love gave rapper Flavor Flav his own chance to love, and we’ve found out what the show’s iconic star is up to today. Taste of love It aired from 2006 to 2008, and it was progressive for its time. It featured a romantic black male lead, long before ABC. The Bachelor he did the same. The show featured many well-known reality stars, including Tiffany “New York” Pollard and Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. Since the show ended, Flavor Flav (born William Jonathan Drayton Jr.) has not returned to reality television.

Flavor Flav has been a recognized member of the influential rap group Public Enemy since the 1980s. Flavor Flav was completely broke when he was first approached to appear on a reality show in 2003. His friend and fellow rapper MC Hammer convinced him to join the cast of the now-forgotten reality show. Surreal life. That show was an MTV VH1 knockoff. The real world, starring celebrities. While filming, Flavor Flav met and began dating Danish actress and singer Brigitte Nielson. The couple got their own show on VH1. Was called Strange love. However, after a season, the new couple gave up. Then Flavor Flav was cast in his own dating reality show, Taste of love. This show ended up being very popular. It helped viewers learn more about the rap star.

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The third and final season of Taste of love ended with an announcement. Flavor Flav had chosen Thing 2 (whose twin, Thing 1, had previously been eliminated) during the final episode. However, during the reunion episode, Flavor Flav announced that he had a crush on Elizabeth Trujillo, whom he had met off-set while filming the show’s second season. They already had a son together, whom they named Karma. Flavor Flav proposed to Liz during the reunion episode. In 2013, they appeared briefly on Couple therapy. Flavor Flav and Liz are still together, although they have had a difficult relationship. In 2012, Flavor Flav was jailed for threatening Liz’s teenage son with a knife during an argument. Flavor Flav has had its fair share of run-ins with the law, primarily for breaking traffic laws. His license has been suspended 16 times for crimes such as speeding and driving under the influence.

Flavor Flav is still making music with Public Enemy. He is a leader of the group, along with Chuck D. Public Enemy has also continued to release new music, including a 2020 album titled “What You Gonna do When the Grid Goes Down?” In 2013, Public Enemy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2020, the group received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for “Creative contributions of outstanding artistic importance in the field of recording.. “Flavor Flav tried to branch out from music in the early 10’s by starting a restaurant business. Flav’s Fried Chicken opened in April 2011, but closed only four months after having disagreements with his business partner. He tried again. with Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs, but finally had to close that restaurant after failing to pay the rent.

Since his reality show ended, Flavor Flav’s life has been full of ups and downs. His music with Public Enemy continues to carry strong political messages, while his personal life (aside from his legal troubles) has been kept private. At 62, her reality TV days seem to be behind her. However, the fans who enjoyed Taste of love Know that your contributions to the world of reality TV are important.

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