With the MCU getting another injection of hype with the hits of WandaVision and the continuous The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Daredevil is rumored to return in Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, he has had an acclaimed career in comics with Chip Zdarsky for the past two years and he remains strong, even if the pain of the premature cancellation of the Netflix series is a void that has yet to be filled.

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Given Daredevil’s success on television and in the comics, the Man Without Fear deserves more attention, even in the comics. What DC started with his Black label imprint paved the way for some great and creative new series, especially for Batman. Daredevil surely deserves more series focused on him, and with the creative opportunities that DC black label provides, there are reasons why Marvel should gift you a series in this exact style.

10 Freedom with content maturity

Covers for Bendis / Maleev and Zdarsky / Checchetto's Daredevil, respectively

While both the Marvel and DC comic continuity do a great job of appealing to a wide demographic of fans, one of the draws of Black label is venturing more into adult content and attracting older demographics. That being said, Chip Zdarsky’s Reckless is still striking a great balance in how mature the tone feels, but if Marvel gave the superhero a series along the lines of Black labelworks, could allow new creative freedoms.

Of course, dating for free is a potential catch of anything trying to create a gutsy story, but with skillful handwriting, you should strike your own well-executed balance. Taking a page from the Bendis run could be another good model to build on.

9 Batman’s success with Black Label

DC Black Label miniature with Lee Bermejo's Batman art

As mentioned, DC black label he’s been generally quite nice to Batman in bringing him new and alternate stories. Probably the most praised series within The Dark Knight label is Sean Murphy’s maxiseries. White knight. It spawned a sequel, a spin-off along with more spin-offs planned in the future, and an upcoming third main entry involving Future Batman.

While Daredevil is his own character at best, he does share some similarities to Batman. Part of that is because the two have shared writers in the past, namely the legendary Frank Miller with Born again Y The man Without Fear for Daredevil, and Year one Y The Dark Knight Returns for Batman. They both tackle grittier, more grounded themes and tones, so a series that takes this approach could serve as inspiration. Daredevil’s strong focus on intimate street-level stories is a narrative goldmine.

8 Alternative timelines

Daredevil's makeshift costume in The Man Without Fear and the cover of Curse of the White Knight

Another important purpose of Black label is that all of his books take place in alternate timelines, which makes them non-canon for the main comics. However, since Western comics have long-established multiverses, pretty much anything and everything is canon and non-canon depending on the universe being discussed. Being able to tell alternate canon stories is another creative freedom, as it allows writers to break free from whatever books on lore books they normally have to adhere to.

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Writers can choose which of the character’s myths is canon in their corner of the multiverse, as well as invent new traditions that might not work in the main canon. This could allow changes to Daredevil’s origins such as Curse of the White Knight did with Bruce Wayne.

7 Season 4 (and 5) of Netflix’s Daredevil

Netflix's Daredevil Season One Title Card

Hopefully, the return of Charlie Cox materializes and he has a show again on Disney + or Hulu, but a direct continuation of Netflix. Reckless postseason three is probably out of the question. It’s a shame, but a comic series could take DC notes. Batman ’89. It’s not Black label, but it takes place in a separate timeline as it continues Burton’s stories bat Man films.

Season three painfully teased the return of a physically enhanced Bullseye, and the show’s crew confirmed they had plans for season five. The final season would have pitted Daredevil against the Kingpin for the last time, and a continuation of the comics might be the best option and use images from the original cast.

6 Variety of writers and artists

Last Knight on Earth, Curse of the White Knight and Three Jokers covers

Black label offers a host of different writers and artists to come and give their opinion on its characters. Since the alternate timeline approach is the foundation, it could allow multiple Daredevil projects to be at different stages of development without worrying that one would somehow deny the other if Marvel were to do something similar with their line of comics.

The likes of Sean Murphy, Scott Snyder, Jason Fabok, Greg Capullo, and Geoff Johns have given their isolated versions of Batman, and they could give Devil of Hell’s Kitchen some exciting variety. And this would be while Zdarsky continues his excellent career on the main line.

5 ‘Earth One’ approach

Covers of the first volumes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman: Earth One

Although it is not a Black label collection of books, the Earth one line gave alternate universe stories for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Teen Titans. They took a similar approach, as all of these superhero versions of DC exist on, as the footprint name suggests, Earth-1.

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Each has its own series of isolated stories from one another, making them easy reads without having to spend time reading through various previous comics for context or something on the scale of the 20+ MCU movies. They were excellent entry points for newcomers, as well as another great alternate interpretation of the classic characters for veteran fans; something Daredevil could explode.

4 Showrunners for Season 4/5 Series

Charlie Cox as Daredevil on Netflix and Alex Maleev's art inspired by him

Returning to the hypothetical of a series that revives Netflix Reckless, another page to take DC’s approach to your Burton’s revival series is the one who sticks to writing. Sam Hamm, Burton’s screenwriter bat Man Y Batman Returns, is coming back for ’89 to carry on the world where it left off.

Likewise, it would be exciting if Marvel green-lit a series and attached Reckless showrunners Drew Goddard or Erik Oleson as a writer. Having one of them develop what would have been on screen and partnering with Maleev using the actor’s likeness as inspiration for their art, as in his masterful portrayal of Cox’s Daredevil, could be a fantastic way to see Bullseye’s full bows. and Kingpin.

3 Limited formats / miniseries

Julian Totino Tedesco's art for Zdarsky's Daredevil # 2

As for not oversaturating, something that could be done is to have several projects focused on being limited formats / miniseries. Daredevil could definitely afford more full-length content, but shorter forms of storytelling might work well as Marvel would, hypothetically, test the waters first.

Even taking exceptions which are the length of Geoff Johns Three jokers It might work as it uses an “oversized” editing style where each of the three questions is over 40 pages long. Concise new backstories for Daredevil mythos from other parts of the Marvel multiverse can be satisfying in their own right alongside full length arcs.

two Casual Maxiseries Inspired by the White Knight

Marco Checchetto's art from Daredevil and Elektra

One thing Marvel might experiment with is having a Murphy-like maxiseries. White knight universe. Full-length series are not common on this DC label, but Murphy proved to be a huge hit for the label and is among the most beloved. Black label plays.

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It may be the very pocket of Daredevil’s universe that exists solely as the world of this character, like Murphy’s. While many of his comics have already executed this well, a Black labelstyle maxiseries could adopt an intimate and independent atmosphere that is even closer to what Reckless Seasons one and three were particularly, but can spawn spin-off miniseries with Elektra, Punisher, etc.

1 No too strict schedules

Cover art for Zdarsky's Daredevil # 9 featuring Matt Murdock in his makeshift black suit

One of the other benefits for writers and artists by DC black label it’s that they don’t give teams too strict schedules to rush their problems. Naturally, this allows writers and artists to spend more time on work than typical monthly posts must meet.

Of course, the adverse effect of this could be something like a Three jokers A situation where the book is delayed for years, but the creative freedoms provided, as well as less pressure from management to deliver something in a short time, is a good recipe for some quality side projects.

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