Why Demi Lovato’s assistant and choreographer are labeled ‘ex’ in the documentary

Despite appearing on Dancing With the Devil and expressing support for Demi Lovato, neither Jordan Jackson nor Dani Vitale continue to work for Demi.

The fourth and last part of Dancing with the devil It was released on YouTube and featured celebrity appearances from Elton John, Christina Aguilera, and Will Ferrell, along with friends, family, and former Demi employees. Both Demi’s assistant Jordan Jackson and Demi’s choreographer Dani Vitale are listed as “previous. “There doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between Demi and these former employees, so fans are wondering why they no longer hold their previous positions. While no explanation is given in the documentary, it is clear that both employees went through their own trauma. as a direct result of Demi’s overdose.

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Dancing with the devil Not only does it give Demi Lovato a chance to clear things up about her 2018 overdose, but it also gives those around her a chance to talk about how the overdose affected them. With every tragedy, people want to find someone to blame. Some of the people around Demi were blamed for her overdose or for not knowing that she was in such a bad place. But everyone around Demi, and Demi herself, explains how good Demi is at hiding things from other people.

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Jordan Jackson, Demi’s personal assistant in 2018, was the person who found Demi unconscious. When Jordon realized how dire the situation was, he slipped away from the group to call an ambulance. Although this saved Demi’s life, she was afraid of getting into trouble. Having to see someone he cared about not responding and on the verge of death – even reportedly turning blue at one point – had to be traumatic for Jordan. That alone may have led her to quit her job. From his social media, he seems to keep a low profile, so he may have decided to resign as an assistant to avoid advertising. While he still supports Demi, Jordan said in the documentary: “It scares me a little to know that she is not sober. “

Dancing with the devil Dani Vitale crying

Dani Vitale, Demi’s former choreographer, took most of the blame for Demi’s overdose. Demi had been to Vitale’s birthday party that very night, since Demi and Vitale are friends too. People wrongly assumed that Vitale had provided Demi with the medications. Vitale lost all his job as people didn’t want to hire someone who they thought might be dealing drugs. For a time, he received between 4,000 and 5,000 angry messages a day on social media, including death threats and people ordering him to commit suicide. Demi’s fans, who didn’t have the whole story, thought they were protecting Demi, but all they did was ruin the life of someone innocent. There is no question that being harassed and threatened by Demi’s fans is at least part of the reason why Vitale no longer works for Demi, even if the two remain friends in private.

Dancing with the devil reveals much of the dark side of fame, especially for children. Demi’s use of drugs and alcohol to self-medicate her way through the struggles she was facing not only nearly killed her, but had a detrimental effect on everyone around her. While he has managed to maintain some of those friendships, none of their lives will ever be the same again. It’s brave of Demi to come out and tell her story, while allowing others to share how she impacted them. The four parts of Dancing with the devil You can watch it for free on Youtube.

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