10 Batman Villains Who Are Best Suited For Superman

Batman and Superman have gone through the wringer together, going from bitter enemies to best friends. Although they are two completely different types of heroes, they have worked together against some of the most evil characters in DC history.

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While they have both fought enemies with each other, it is clear that some villains are more obsessed with Batman than Superman or vice versa. Batman’s rogues gallery is unmatched, featuring a mix of fearsome, powerful supervillains, and geniuses that haunt Gotham City and The Dark Knight. However, what if these evil superstars focused on The Man of Steel rather than The Caped Crusader?

10 Joker’s careless attitude would test Superman’s patience

joker superman dc comics

Superman has faced the Joker on a number of occasions, including once he ripped his heart out of his chest. However, Joker generally deals with Batman and the rest of the Bat family, so he is not a constant enemy of The Man of Steel. The Joker is a loose cannon who has no interest in taking over the world or getting really rich. Create chaos just for fun and kill innocent people for no reason. While Batman sometimes has a no-kill rule, his tragic past made him a fearless hero who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty with criminals like The Joker. Superman is known as the big blue boy scout, who follows all the rules and does not enjoy hurting his enemies. The Joker wouldn’t stand a chance in a physical showdown, but on a psychological level, he could break Superman.

9 The riddle could leave kryptonite riddles everywhere

superman riddle dc comics

The Riddle has been giving Batman and Robin headaches for years. He has a narcissistic personality and always seeks to outdo the Dark Knight. While Superman is a smart person, he is not a detective and would get frustrated with Riddler’s mind games and complicated crimes. The Riddler is not trained in physical combat, however, he has a great intellect and could surpass the Man of Steel.

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Riddler could leave puzzles all over Metropolis and while Superman could get to them quickly, he may have trouble cracking their codes. Imagine Riddler if he got his hands on a bit of Kryptonite and placed pieces of it in each puzzle, most likely Superman’s mind and body would collapse before he could solve them.

8 Man-Bat could fight the man of steel in the sky

manbat superman dc comics

Batman has many strange villains, but perhaps the most absurd is Man-Bat. Dr. Kirk Langstrom transformed into a giant bat when he took a serum that was supposed to give humans a bat-like sonar, and things went wrong. Batman created an antitoxin that reversed the side effects, but Man-Bat has returned multiple times. At the very least, Batman has a background in chemistry and a laboratory in his Batcave, so he always has a way to fight Man-Bat. Superman doesn’t have any of those luxuries, which would make his fight against Man-Bat that much more difficult. Lastly, Superman usually has the flight to use to his advantage, but Man-Bat can also fly through the sky, which would equalize the odds.

7 Clayface’s transformations could confuse Clark and Superman

clark kent clayface dc

Clayface is one of Batman’s most underrated villains, with various people taking on the clay mantle over the years. Matt Hagen’s story may be the best known and most tragic story of all the Clayfaces. Hagen found a group of radioactive protoplasm and gained the ability to transform his entire body into anyone or anything. Clayface may not match Superman’s strengths, but he could get pretty close and mold his arms for whatever weapon he chooses. Also, if Clayface discovered Superman’s secret identity, it is unknown who he would become. He could kidnap Lois Lane and then transform into her, allowing him to reach Clark when he’s at his most vulnerable.

6 Freeze could use a kryptonite freeze gun

superman mr freeze dc comics

Another tragic story in Batman lore is that of Dr. Victor Fries, who changed forever while trying to keep his sick wife alive. His accident dropped his body temperature to freezing, sadly, Mr. Freeze was born. Superman’s strength and heat vision would be a good way to combat Freeze, but his super breath wouldn’t be a factor for obvious reasons.

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Freeze is also extremely smart and if he gets his cold hands on some Kryptonite rocks he could make some dangerous weapons to weaken the Last Son of Krypton. Freeze’s signature freeze pack and pistol would turn lethal if he liquefied some kryptonite and threw some green ice in Superman’s direction. An icicle of Kryptonite on Superman’s chest would put him on … ice.

5 Solomon Grundy’s brute strength could match Kal-El’s

solomon grundy superman dc

Solomon Grundy is based on a nursery rhyme and is primarily a Batman and Green Lantern villain. Although, in recent years, he has faced Superman on several occasions. Grundy had many fights against the Justice League and the Justice Society, even destroying the Society’s headquarters and wreaking havoc throughout the city. Although, Superman is called The Man of Steel for a reason. Take the kryptonite out of the mix and it is indestructible who has the ability to lift anything. Solomon Grundy is also indestructible and has a healing factor that makes him immortal. These two could match strength forever, making for an intriguing rivalry that could last a lifetime. In fact, Earth-One Superman blew Grundy off Earth and left him in an alien world because he couldn’t overpower it.

4 Killer Croc’s anger and violence would surprise Supes

superman killer croc dc

Waylon Jones was born with reptilian features and was made fun of by his abusive aunt, who called him a lizard boy. Jones finally had enough and killed his aunt, adopting the nickname Killer Croc. Superman may have fought dangerous and monstrous villains before, but Killer Croc’s love of extreme violence may even shock Supe’s. Croc could also be in a physical match, as he has superhuman strength and the ability to heal quickly. What really makes Croc a viable foe is his superhuman speed and reflexes, which he would need to match a man who is faster than a locomotive. In the Infinite Crisis In the story, Croc joins Lex Luthor Jr.’s Secret Society of Supervillains. Knowledge of the Luthor family, combined with Killer Croc’s violent temper, would be bad news for The Man of Steel.

3 Poison ivy could make red kryptonite plants to seduce the man of steel

superman poison ivy dc

Poison Ivy is an evil temptress, who has the ability to control plant life and poison anyone with a simple touch. He has faced Batman many times, but has also been a love interest for The Caped Crusader in other adaptations. Superman being seduced by Ivy may be outlandish to think about, but what if he got his hands on some red kryptonite? Red kryptonite affects Superman’s mental capacity, causing him to act differently and make poor decisions. Ivy could sprinkle the red rock on her pheromone powder or on her plants, which would lower Superman’s defenses and turn him into putty on her hands.

two Ra’s Al Ghul Lazarus Pit could outlast Superman’s life

superman rhas al ghul dc

Ra’s Al Ghul is a master assassin who trained a league of ninjas and cheated death many times. Your Lazarus Pit is a rejuvenation pool that heals physical wounds and can resurrect people. However, the Lazarus Pit will cause as much damage to someone’s mind as it will heal the wounds. Superman’s lifespan has changed in different stories, but he is generally immortal or at least lives much longer than normal man. Superman would face his longevity rival with Ra’s and would have to go through the entire League of Assassins to face him. While Ra’s is an evil being, Batman has described him as an honorable villain. It would be interesting to see an honorable villain take on the most honorable hero in the world. Unless Ra’s is fresh out of the Well, then it would be less honorable and more horrible.

1 Bane’s kryptonite poison could break his steel body

superman bane dc comics

Bane has been causing mayhem in Gotham for nearly three decades, even breaking Batman’s back in his debut story. Knights fall. He is considered extremely intelligent and is a physical monster, thanks to his giant build and poison-induced muscles. Superman would face his rival in physical strength in Bane, especially when the poison is flowing. Imagine the poison, mixed with kryptonite, pumping through Bane’s giant arms. It is known that Batman defeated Bane simply by kicking his poison tubes, but if Bane throws a few kryptonite hits, Superman may not have the strength to kick anything. Bane would eventually break Superman’s spirit … and then his body.

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