10 jujutsu wizards whose cursed technique doesn’t match their character

Nobara, Yuji, and Megumi are just a few names that anime fans have had to learn since they got on the JJK hype train. Behind each of these names is a strong personality and an even stronger damn technique.

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Gege Akutami, the mangaka behind Jujutsu Kaisen, does a fantastic job of characterizing the cast of JJK that making a list of damn techniques that don’t match your character is difficult. Still, Akutami was brilliant enough to recognize the power of juxtaposition in art. The following list denotes ten different characters whose cursed technique juxtaposes their personality rather than reinforces it.

10 Masamichi Yaga’s direct approach to education stands in stark contrast to the cute cursed corpses he controls in combat.

Masamichi Yaga from Jujutsu Kaisen

For anime fans, Masamichi Yaga is the first character featured to blatantly juxtapose his cursed technique. The ability to imbue dolls with cursed energy to create cursed corpses sounds dangerous and terrifying, but instead of using traditionally terrifying corpses, Yaga employs a cast of eccentric and colorful dolls to do his bidding.

Watching Director Masamichi question Yuji Itadori without a single change in his expression as a bright green cursed corpse dances around the boy’s bruised body is both hilarious and terrifying. The mismatch between Yaga’s own personality and his cursed technique creates a strange gap between what viewers would expect from cursed corpses and what Masamichi is actually capable of.

9 Somehow, Megumi Fushigiro’s Shikigami shadows are more accessible than Megumi herself.

megumi shikigami

If readers viewed Megumi from the perspective of the three great jujutsu families, it wouldn’t be difficult to argue that Megumi is not paired with the Ten Shadows Technique. The boy doesn’t even accept the name Zenin!

In addition to the assumptions one can make based on Megumi’s name, there are other reasons why the Ten Shades Technique does not match Megumi’s character. The most valid reason has to do with how adorably expressive Megumi’s shikigami are, despite serving the most stoic character in JJK. It is as if Megumi himself is the shadow, while his shikigami represents the cute little boy who hides under his dark facade.

8 Yuta Okatsu’s ignorance does not prevent him from developing some of the most complex and powerful cursed techniques in JJK.

Okatsu _ Anime OP

It’s not uncommon for the most ignorant character to possess the most amount of power in any given shonen anime, but Yuta Okatsu’s cursed techniques are so ridiculously overpowered and complicated that Akutami had to replace him as the protagonist. To create a real sense of tension between By JJK protagonist and Ryomen Sukuna, Akutami replaced Yuta with a character who cannot even use cursed techniques when introduced.

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When Yuta is first introduced in the manga, he is as scared as he is terrifying. Within this frightened young man is the power to create special grade cursed spirits, one of the scariest things in the world of JJK. With Yuta, Gege Akutami managed to create a character who is both the scariest character and the scariest character at the same time.

7 Hanami appears to be a scary and evil cursed spirit, but her cursed technique reinforces the peace

Hanami _ Jogo _ Jujutsu Kaisen

Despite being the most visually terrifying unregistered special grade introduced in the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen, Hanami is one of the most passive curses that Tokyo Jujutsu High students face. As an embodiment of all the negative emotions people feel towards nature, Hanami’s cursed techniques use plant life to weaken the enemy’s fighting spirit.

Unless fans deem the theories behind Yuji’s cursed technique to be legitimate, no other character has revealed a cursed technique intended to calm a fighter’s spirit. However, if Hanami were to take passivity seriously, they would surely cover what is objectively a terrifying character design.

6 Kasumi Miwa is a kind and gentle student whose cursed technique is quick and ruthless.

Kasumi Miwa from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Kyoto’s second-year jujutsu wizard is adorable even by Satoru Gojo’s standards. With blue hair and bangs that fall over her kind face at a crooked angle, fans can’t help but hug Miwa the moment she shows just how lovable her character is.

Despite being one of the gentlest jujutsu wizards of the entire first season, Miwa’s cursed technique is extremely deadly. The new Shadow Technique allows Miwa to use an incredibly powerful fast-drawing sword technique to defeat her enemies with a single move. How such a gentle and cautious character came up with such a deadly quick drawing technique is something only Gege Akutami can explain.

5 Kokichi Muta has already stated on screen that his cursed technique doesn’t align with his character’s motives.

Kokichi Muta from Jujutsu Kaisen using his Puppet Ultimate Mechamaru.

Kokichi Muta may not be the most recognizable name from the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen, but fans of the series will surely remember the name Mechamaru. The epic battle between the sorcerer Mecha and Panda during the Battle of the Kyoto Exchange Team will not be soon forgotten.

Muta makes this list simply because he has already stated that he does not want his cursed technique. If it were up to Muta, he would have no cursed techniques and would be able to walk in sunlight like a normal human. If fans respect the voice behind Mechamaru, they can accept the fact that despite having a powerful damn puppeteer technique, this technique does not match the character within Kokichi Muta.

4 Choso is too kind and respectful with a cursed technique that looks like all evil versions of blood magic

Jujutsu Kaisen Choso

Before fans can consider whether Choso’s cursed technique matches his character, fans must first understand the character of the curse. Although the anime has yet to explain a lot about Choso, the manga does provide readers with quite a bit of information about him. As a result of one sorcerer’s experimentation, nine Cursed Womb: Death Paintings they were born in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Choso is just one of the nine cursed wombs. Despite his dark upbringing and a cursed technique that balances the manipulation of blood with poison, Choso is a relatively kind and caring character. Although the anime has yet to show it, as soon as Choso confronts Yuji’s kindness, he immediately switches sides in hopes of using his dark power forever.

3 The ability to build real matter with the power of cursed energy is what some might call miraculous and Mai is what some might call an idiot.

Mai Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen

The Zenin family pass on two of the most powerful cursed techniques in the world of jujutsu sorcery. Either the ten shadows technique that Megumi wields or the projection sorcery technique that Naobito and Naoya wield would fit Mai’s character better than the construction technique that she currently wields.

The build may not seem like much considering the feedback it gives Mai every time she uses it, but the ability to create real items using cursed energy is what some might call a miracle. Although Mai would love to earn the title of miracle worker, her personality still doesn’t fit the bill for this type of title.

two Satoru Gojo’s limitless trust will betray him the moment it becomes clear that his damn power supply is not limitless.

Gojo and Sukuna

Satoru Gojo embraces the Unlimited Cursing Technique with such confidence that some readers may be confused by seeing it on this list. Still, while many find Gojo’s irreverent demeanor endearing, Gojo clearly doesn’t understand the value of humility and respect.

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It may seem like an unlimited supply of confidence pairs well with Limitless’s cursed technique, but Limitless doesn’t actually offer Gojo unlimited power. In fact, as long as Gojo’s enemy can survive the force of infinity, which several cursed spirits already have, all they have to do is avoid being mentally paralyzed by the idea of ​​infinity, and Gojo must fight with little more than his confidence. unlimited. If Gojo hopes to stay on top of the world of jujutsu sorcery, it would be wise to curb his own enthusiasm or risk exceeding his own limits.

1 Toge Inumake is too sweet and cuddly to cast so many curses

jujutsu kaisen minor character Toge Inumaki

Whoever Gege Akutami chose as a sorcerer to wield the Cursed Language technique was destined to be on this list. The juxtaposition created between the number of words Toge speaks and the power behind each word makes it easy to place him here. Although fans know little about Toge before he enrolled in Tokyo Jujutsu High, it is clear that he has adopted the cute and easygoing personality that his cursed technique imposes on him.

Before Inumaki unleashes his cursed speech technique, fans will have already fallen in love with the silently lovable sorcerer who talks using rice ball ingredients as words. By the time his speech freezes Toge in place, it’s clear that this technique doesn’t match what fans are expecting from Toge. Despite this juxtaposition, fans still love Toge for embracing the mismatch with class.

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