With the increasing popularity of anime, interest in original anime materials such as manga and light novel has also grown over the years. While these markets are relatively small for non-Japanese fans, they make up a massive market for Japanese fans.

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Interesting enough, The devil is a partial timer is a reverse isekai anime that was actually also adapted from a light novel. Those who are interested in reading similar content or content that comes from similar genres should consider checking out these light novel recommendations.

10 How NOT to summon a Demon Lord: A NEET is Isekai as the Demon Lord himself

1 How NOT to summon a Demon Lord

Takuma Sakamoto is a NEET alias Demon King Diablo in the fantasy MMORPG Cross Reverie. But one day, to his great surprise, he is sent to the MMORPG game as the devil himself, thanks to a summoning spell from two girls who seek his help.

Confusion, despair, and Takuma’s eventual acceptance of his new circumstances will remind fans of Sadao Maou’s circumstances, as well as his desire for one thing only: to find a spell that will unlink him from his new world and allow him to travel back. to your new world. own world.

9 Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight – A werewolf uses his humanity to resolve issues between demons and humans

2 The Werewolf The Annals of Veight

Veight used to be a human, but was reborn as a werewolf wizard in a new world, and is now in command of a large faction of the Demon Lord’s massive army. Despite being a fearsome Vice Commander, this creature is physically a monster, but is still human at heart.

Now every day of his is wasted trying to keep the peace between the violent demons and the frightened human subjects of the city he has conquered. His character and development are quite similar to that of Aashiya’s character progression in The devil is a partial timer!

8 Maoyu Maou Yusha: the human hero forges a bond with the demon queen to bring peace to Earth

3 Maoyu Maou Yusha

The human hero enters the Demon Queen’s lair, ready for a duel, only to find that she is seeking his help. He initially rejects her, but after she makes a compelling argument for how the wars between humans and demons have united all of humanity, he agrees to listen to her.

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Now the hero is armed with the knowledge that he could end the wars between these two factions forever without hurting either side, but he needs his experience and power by his side to make this happen. This premise is almost identical to that of The devil is partTimer!, where Emilia seeks the blood of Satan only to eventually work alongside him for the greater good.

7 Campione: a teenager becomes a clumsy slayer of gods

4 Sample

Godou Kusanagi becomes a god slayer (Campione) after he kills the god of war, Verethragna. Now, the only job of this former student is to fight against the gods who do not fulfill their duties.

On the other hand, being a Campione also means attracting the attention of some very troublesome girls (very similar to how Satan was unable to defend himself from Chiho’s advances). Now, Godou has to fight not only against the gods but also against the girls so that they do not fall in love with him and hinder his duties as Campione.

6 Demon King Daimaou: Sai’s fate as the future Demon King instantly leads him to hot waters with girls

5 Demon King Daimaou

This light novel is a typical harem that begins with Sai Akuto’s entry into the Academy of Constant Magic and ends with many beautiful girls keeping an eye on him due to a prediction that was made on his first day at the academy: Sai was meant to be. the Demon King. While some of these girls hate him, others adore him and practically adore him.

The dynamic between Sai and these girls can easily be compared to the dynamic that Satan shared with aggressive Emilia, sweet Chiho, and cold Suzuno.

5 An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How To Love Your Elf Girlfriend: A Budding Romance Between Two Strange Creatures Of Different Species

6 An Archdemon's Dilemma: How To Love Your Elf Girlfriend

This action-fantasy light novel is a romantic story at heart, seeing how it explores the life of the sorcerer Zagan who buys an elf slave at auction because he fell in love with her.

However, the inexperienced and awkward Zagan (who is very similar to Sadao Maou’s character) has no idea how he can continue his relationship with this elf, resulting in many inadvertent comic mistakes between the two. This is exactly like the awkward situations between the Demon Lord and the human girl Chiho.

4 If it were up to my daughter, I would even defeat a demon lord – a teenager adopts a demon girl

7 If it were up to my daughter, I would even defeat a demon lord

Dale Reki is a kind and endearing 18-year-old traveler who decides to adopt the Latin demon girl out of the goodness of her heart. While you enjoy being a parent, you can’t help but worry about your daughter’s well-being when you have to leave for days due to your sometimes busy schedule.

She also has no idea who abandoned Latina or why, nor does she know why she was branded a criminal because of her broken horn. This Slice of Life light novel has also been adapted into an anime, and although its premise is very different from The devil is a partial timer!Fans will agree that both stories have the same feel-good vibes, as well as the strong bond between the characters, regardless of their different species or statuses in their own worlds.

3 The lazy king: a Japanese wage earner is reincarnated as a lazy in his next life

8 The Lazy King

An unidentified wage earner from Japan is reincarnated as Sloth in his next life. For someone who used to put up with the harsh working conditions at his company, being a Sloth is nothing less than living the dream for him.

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All you do is laze around all day while trying to avoid as much work and responsibility as you can. If fans find this character’s description similar, it’s because that’s exactly how Aashiya was with Satan and Alciel. However, Sloth’s lazy days will soon be numbered, seeing how he inadvertently gets caught up in power struggles between demons to become the next Demon King.

two The simple job of perishing only for the hero: the king of demons does not want to die at the hands of the hero

The simple job of perishing just for the hero

Nakajima Ryou is reborn as Vermudol, the mighty King of Demons. However, he couldn’t have picked a worse time to reincarnate. This new world is in total chaos due to the absence of a Demon King, and if Vermudol made his presence known, surely a hero would come to kill him, something he obviously wants to avoid. This is similar to how Satan kept avoiding Emilia’s deadly attacks on him one after another.

So he sets out to change his destiny by achieving unity among all the kingdoms of the world that he governs so that the hero has no reason to kill him. With such an interesting premise, this light novel definitely deserves an anime adaptation.

1 The greatest Demon Lord is reborn as the typical nobody: the human world leaves Satan confused and disappointed

10 the greatest demon lord is reborn as a typical nobody

Demon Lord Varvatos is such a powerful creature that he soon becomes bored with his life, so he decides to reincarnate as someone perfectly mediocre in all aspects, including magic. However, he is reincarnated in modern Japan and is disappointed to learn that he is still a dominated creature in this new world, as humans do not have any magical abilities.

Now, exactly like Sadao Maou, he simply has to deal with this new life of his, as he cannot return to his old life with the limitations of his powers. If that wasn’t enough, he also has girls chasing him for some reason.

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