10 weirdest romances in Thor and Loki comics

Thor and his half brother Loki have had their fair share of random and bizarre romantic relationships in their comic book careers. While Thor is primarily associated with Jane Foster, the Asgardian god of thunder has also had short-term affairs with She-Hulk and Enchantress.

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Loki’s love interests aside, he has also spawned the death goddess Hela (unlike his portrayal in Thor: Ragnarok) for a relationship he shared with the sorceress Angrboda. Considering Thor and Jane were on hiatus in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would be interesting to see if Thor would explore more options as his comic book counterpart.

10 She-Hulk and Thor

She-Hulk and Thor Romance

In 2020 Empyre Fallout: Fantastic Four # 1, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) and Thor started dating for a while. When Sue Richards (Invisible Woman) asks Thor if they are an ‘item’, Thor replies ‘Verily’.

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Even before Empyre fallout, Thor had taken Jennifer out on a date at Avengers # 11 (2018) that started out as an awkward affair. After all, the location was Savage Island! For Thor, the proper choice of entertainment is to watch the ‘battle dragons’ fight each other. Bored and unimpressed, Jennifer comments, “I’m starting to see why you’ve been single for centuries.” However, despite all the awkwardness, Thor manages to confess his true feelings, winning her over and exchanging a kiss.

9 Amora and Thor

Thor and Amora

Amora (The Enchantress) has tried many times to seduce Thor through her magic and most of her efforts have failed. Once, even Odin had ordered him to gain his attention so Thor could stop his flirting with Jane Foster. Once again, the Enchantress potions were to no avail.

However, in a particular Thor story (Thor vol. 2 # 50), falls in love with Amora while colonizing and ruling Earth. They both even have a son named Magni, but Thor later becomes disgusted with his reality, and finds his life dishonorable. Hee travels back in time to warn her past self, changing her future relationship in the process.

8 Thor and Jane Foster

Jane Foster daydreaming of Thor

While Thor and Jane Foster became regular lovers in various Thor stories, the latter’s first character arc involved a love triangle between her, Thor, and Donald Blake. Thor had assumed the identity of a doctor named Donald Blake, but Jane did not know it initially. Although he liked Blake, he ended up falling in love with Thor.

Later, as events progress, Thor even brought Jane to Asgard only for Odin to banish her and erase her memory. Back in Midgard (Earth), she was involved in a brief relationship with Dr. Keith Kincaid. In fact, as later revealed, Odin had based Thor’s Donald Blake alter ego on Kincaid’s likeness which could strangely explain Jane’s fascination with him.

7 Sigyn and Loki

Odin officiating at Sigyn and Theoric's (Loki) wedding

As expected of Loki, his marriage to Sigyn was the result of a deception. Sigyn was initially engaged to an Asgardian warrior named Theoric. So when Loki confessed to Sigyn about his attraction to her, she rejected his advances.

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The god of mischief eventually conspired to kill Theoric and took his form to marry Sigyn. In the presence of Odin, the wedding of Loki (disguised as Theoric) and Sigyn began. Immediately after that, Loki showed his true colors. Sigyn was surprised and disappointed, but still chose to stay with Loki considering that their marriage could not be annulled under Asgardian law. Unable to change the law himself, Odin approved the marriage and declared Sigyn the goddess of fidelity.

6 Sif and Thor

Sif and Thor had been childhood sweethearts, but the Asgardian god’s adventures on Earth and interactions with Jane Foster often affected their on-and-off relationship. Odin even tried to arrange a marriage between the two, but the plan never came to fruition.

However, the strangest part is how Sif saved Jane’s life for her own ulterior motives in Thor # 236. Desiring to understand why Thor was attracted to Jane in the first place, Sif fused his life force with a very sick Jane to bring her back to life.

5 Lorelei and Loki

Cover for Thor # 359 and a comic panel with Lorelei and Loki

Compared to his brother, Loki rarely gets involved in romantic encounters. In fact, he forced Amora’s sister, Lorelei, to use her magic potions to seduce Thor. Considering that Lorelei was already in love with him, she didn’t need much convincing. This did not sit well with Amora, who devised a counter plan to teach both Loki and his sister a lesson.

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While a possessed Thor fell in love with Lorelei, Amora cast a spell on Loki’s scepter and forced him to imagine Lorelei at the same time. When Thor finds Loki and Lorelei in a sensual embrace, he rages with jealousy and realizes the truth.

4 Jane Foster and Keith Kincaid

Jane Foster meeting Dr. Kincaid

As mentioned above, a brainwashed Jane began to like Keith Kincaid, a doctor in whose guise Donald Blake was created. According to Avengers # 300, Kincaid also served as the Avengers staff medic. Not only did Jane date Kincaid, but she also married and had a child with him (even Sif and Thor attended the wedding).

Eventually, their love faded and Jane opted for a divorce. To date, it is unclear if Jane really loved the doctor or if she liked him just because her subconscious reminded her of Thor / Donald Blake.

3 Thor (Jane Foster) and Captain America

Jane Foster Thor and Sam Wilson Captain America Kiss

Jane Foster (as Thor) and the new Captain America (Sam Wilson, aka Falcon) were involved in a highly polarizing adventure once. Unlike her male counterpart, Jane wore a mask to hide her identity. In the Completely new and different avengers series, the two also exchanged a kiss that seemed more like a spontaneous decision at the moment.

In later issues, Jane and Sam appeared to have a friendly relationship (even though it was hinted to be sexual through their texting history). After discovering Jane’s identity, Sam also used to visit her during her chemotherapy sessions, providing her much-needed emotional support. While their story is pretty healthy, it’s just that this relationship was very unexpected among fans.

two Brunhilde and Thor (Siegmund / Siegfried)

Thor kissing Brunhilda

On several occasions, Odin has resorted to brainwashing Thor or Jane. Once, he banished the former to Earth and gave him the identity of a Germanic warrior named Siegmund. Brunhilda, also known as Valkyrie, somehow ended up falling in love with Siegmund even though he had already married a woman named Sieglinde.

Although it was not his wish, Odin felt that Thor’s death like Siegmund was predestined and ordered to kill him. As a last resort, Brunhilda tried to protect her pregnant wife. Enraged by this, Odin went on to erase the memory of Brunhilda, who later fell in love with Siegmund’s son Siegfried (who was again a mortal avatar of Thor). On Thor # 300Siegfried is assassinated and Brunhilda also takes her life Shakespearean style. In the end, Odin brings them back to life in Asgard.

1 Moon Dragon and Thor

Some of Thor’s story arcs wouldn’t age well considering the lack of consent involved. The greatest example of this is Moondragon taking control of Thor and forcing him to be his personal lover.

On Avengers # 219, Moondragon and his father Drax, the Destroyer encountered a planet that was full of constant wars. Eager to bring peace, Moondragon used her telepathic abilities to take control of each inhabitant. After the Avengers and Thor also tried to neutralize the situation, she took away Thor’s free will and became intimate with him. This is simply inexcusable.

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