5 Anime Characters Who Would Survive In The Jujutsu Kaisen Universe (& 5 Who Wouldn’t)

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, the cursed energy reigns supreme. The more cursed energy a wizard possesses, the more powerful his abilities become (such as Gojo’s Domain Expansion). On the other hand, the more cursed energy continues to accumulate, the more monsters it gives birth, like cursed spirits.

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While jujutsu wizards are equipped with their abilities and weapons (powered by the same cursed energy) to fight cursed spirits, how many powerful characters from outside the world? Jujutsu Kaisen Universe (characters from other anime) can not only survive, but thrive in such a harsh world.

10 Would Survive: Saiki Kusuo has unlimited powers (The disastrous life of Saiki K)

immediate telepathy power, by touching you can send images telepathically, saiki kusuo

It may come as a surprise to many fans, but this teenager can easily stay safe from the antics of cursed spirits, regardless of his grade.

He possesses impossible powers such as Curse (he makes sure that everything the spirits do, he goes to the bathroom), mind control, memory alteration and hypnosis (forcing them to stop fighting him and other humans) and teleportation (sends the spirits to a distant place). Even if one of his powers doesn’t work on cursed spirits, he has dozens of others that he can easily try.

9 Wouldn’t survive: Shiemi is mentally and physically weak (blue exorcist)

blue exorcist shiemi

Even as an exorcist, Shiemi is one of the weakest in her class, both physically and mentally and in terms of abilities. His familiar Nee (who grows plants and creates barriers made of plants), would be completely useless in the presence of even the most basic of cursed spirits.

In fact, Shiemi is the type of character who would easily die in the first episodes of the anime, because she is that shy.

8 Would Survive: Rimuru Tempest is an OP character (I was reincarnated as a slime that time)

The most unique aspect of Rimuru is that he can obtain the ability of whoever (or whatever) he chooses to consume. In his case, he is already too strong for cursed spirits or cursed energy to affect him.

If he were ever reduced to a one-on-one with cursed spirits, all he would have to do is open his mouth, swallow his opponent, and not only kill him, but also gain his powers.

7 Would not survive: Ikoma’s Kabaneri powers are useless in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

ikoma with his kabane suit

With his regenerative abilities, improved speed, strength, and powers, as well as heat resistance, Ikoma was an anomaly in his world filled with normal humans. However, in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, while these powers are quite remarkable on their own, they are completely useless against cursed spirits.

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In fact, Ikoma is the naive and trusting type of character, which would make him an easy target for cursed Special Grade spirits like Mahito, who loves to manipulate people.

6 Would Survive: Korosensei, because anti-Korosensei weapons don’t exist in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen (Assassination Classroom)

power korosensei can very

In his own universe, Korosensei is a nearly invincible octopus-like creature possessing powers (such as traveling at Mach 20) that most anime characters would kill for possessing.

Without the weaknesses of his own universe, Korosensei would undoubtedly be an invincible creature in this new world, as none of the cursed spirits or their tactics would have any effect on him, both physically and mentally.

5 He would not survive: Senku’s only power is his excessive IQ (Dr. Stone)

Senku is physically weak, Dr. Stone

In the anime itself, Senku is shown to collapse (within seconds) while carrying water in a bamboo drum, something that Kohaku can easily carry a very long distance.

Also, Senku is a science boy who has little to no tolerance for superstition and magic. In a world where witchcraft and spirits exist, Senku, with all his knowledge of the world of science, would be completely lost, and seeing how poor his survival skills are, he couldn’t last long in the world. Jujutsu Kaisen world.

4 Would Survive: Every Part of Gilgamesh’s Body Exudes Magic and Power (The Fate Series)

Gilgamesh using Gate Of Babylon in Fate Unlimited Blade Works Anime

This Archer-class Servant has nothing to fear because even without his massive arsenal of divine weapons within his Babylonian Gate, he is a force to be reckoned with.

His single soul possesses more than enough combined power of over hundreds of thousands of souls, which means that if he chose to, he would simply use his Noble Phantasm rain technique to kill whoever stands in his way: cursed spirit, sorcerer. jujutsu, or even completely innocent human beings.

3 Wouldn’t Survive: One-Punch Man’s Mumen Rider because his superpowers are completely useless even in his own universe

For all his strength, speed, stamina, and good intentions, this rank 1 C-Class superhero was pretty useless even as a superhero in his own world, because all he did was get beaten up by all the major villains he faced.

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That is why when he faced supernatural entities in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe, he would be no match for them because while he may be a good fighter when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, he would be completely defenseless against cursed energy.

two Would Survive: Emilia defeated Satan himself (The devil is a partial timer)

Emilia del diablo is a partial timer

The King of Curses, Sukuna (who resides within Yuji’s body), is the most powerful creature in his universe, but despite all his power, he is still a cursed spirit that is no match for the unimaginable powers of the King himself. Devil. .

So if the half angel Emilia was able not only to impale Lucifer but to push back the entire army of Satan to the point where the Demon Lord was forced to escape to earth, it stands to reason that the divine sword that used in battle would easily be able to cut special grade cursed spirits like butter.

one Wouldn’t Survive: Ai only has powers within the Egg World (Wonder Egg Priority)

ai question priority egg

Even in the Egg World, his powers were limited, and even assuming that he somehow managed to bring those powers to a new world, they would be completely useless when fighting cursed spirits.

Not to mention that someone as emotionally fragile as Ai would be easily manipulated by Mahito (exactly what he did with Junpei), turning into a cursed user who would eventually be killed by Mahito out of sheer boredom.

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