90 Day Boyfriend: How to Make Yara’s Ukrainian Cake for Jovi’s Birthday

Jovi wasn’t a fan of her birthday cake, but fans were obsessed with Yara’s beautiful Ukrainian creation. How did you make the honey-based candy?

In a recent episode of 90 day fiancéYara went out of her way to make Jovi Dufren a fancy cake for her homecoming, but Jovi wasn’t exactly grateful. Jovi is often criticized for being inconsiderate with his fiancee, Yara Zaya. The NOLA native has come under fire for everything from neglecting Yara and going to a strip club to epic men scattered in the car. Jovi’s half-hearted response to the cake may have been less than Yara expected, but viewers are eager to find out more about the delicious cake.

Throughout the eighth season, Jovi found many ways to disappoint his pregnant fiancee. But when he was unable to re-enter the country due to COVID-19 after traveling for work, it was completely out of his control for once. Yara was trapped alone, several months pregnant, in a strange country during a pandemic. Jovi’s family contributed to helping her, but when Yara learned that Jovi would finally be able to return in time for her birthday, she was delighted and wanted her homecoming to be special.

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In addition to getting Jovi an Apple Watch, Yara made Jovi a traditional Eastern European Medovik cake. Honey-based cake is not for amateurs because it is a complex and time-consuming sweet. The plate features several layers of thin honey-infused cake interspersed with sour cream-based frosting that soaks through the cake layers, making them soft and tender. Once assembled and frosted, the cake is decorated with crumbled pieces from the cake layers. There’s no question that Yara spent hours making it and had every right to be proud of her creation. Medovik cakes are extremely popular in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, and it is a dessert that Yara has grown up eating.

Yara put a lot of effort into the cake and it certainly looked beautiful. But when Jovi tried it, her reaction was mediocre. “It tastes like sand from the beachJovi commented as she chewed the cake. In a confessional, Jovi said that he appreciated the effort Yara made, “BBut it was so bad. “The fans didn’t care about his reaction and wondered why Yara fell in love with him in the first place. Jovi may not have enjoyed the cake, but Yara said he spent.”many hours“Doing it, and at least he could have pretended he liked it a little more.

The cake might not be what Jovi is used to, but the 90 day fiancé star could have been more grateful at the time. Yara’s Medovik cake was a great gesture and a sign of how excited she was to finally have her husband back home with her. It is an indication that Yara is committed to working on their relationship and their future together. Yara mentioned that she was an inexperienced baker, although based on her beautiful Medovik cake, she seems to have a hidden talent for sweets.

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