90 Day Boyfriend: Why Avery Mills Fell In Love With Omar Albakour

Avery Mills and Omar Albakour won over fans in a 90-day Boyfriend season: Before 90 Days. Find out about their love story and why they are together.

Avery Mills and Omar Albakour only appeared in season 3 of 90 day fiancé: before 90 days, but the American and Syrian couple have become one of the most welcome couples in the 90 day fiancé franchise. Fans followed the couple after the show as Avery moved with Omar to Dubai after her Syrian husband was unable to join her in the United States. The couple recently announced the exciting news that Omar was approved for a US visa and they now live in New Jersey close to Omar’s family. Avery, an Ohio native, has been around the world with her husband, leaving many fans wondering why she fell in love with someone so far from home in the first place.

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The American was still a teenager when she appeared in the 90 day fiancé spinoff show. Avery, a resident of Columbus, Ohio, had converted to Islam before meeting her Muslim husband. Some critics had falsely believed that Omar forced Avery to convert, but the American chose her faith of her own free will. Avery has opened up about her friends who helped her on the religious conversion journey. After converting, Avery and Omar met on a Muslim marriage app. Although her distance might have put off some couples, Avery was always determined to make things work. She flew to New Jersey to receive the blessings of Omar’s brothers before flying to Omar and marrying him. Avery later moved to the Middle East to be with her husband when he was unable to join her in the US.

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Avery has been determined to make things work with Omar. It is clear that the pair share a strong connection that was evident from their first contact. Omar and Avery’s deep bond is likely reinforced by their shared religious beliefs. Avery has opened up about the importance of faith in her life. She has explained that her faith makes her the best version of herself and has vastly improved her life. Unfortunately, some misinformed critics have judged their relationship harshly due to stereotypes. Avery has had to speak out against false claims that Omar was controlling and abusive. Avery has made it clear that she has a happy and loving relationship with her husband. You can see a recent photo of the couple on their shared Instagram account below:

In addition to their shared faith and values, Avery and Omar have revealed their favorite things about each other on their shared YouTube channel. Omar said he loves that Avery is respectful and caring. He added that his intelligence is also something he values. Avery said that Omar is a caring and patient partner. He also added that he was smart, handsome, and charming. Perhaps most important of all, Avery stated that her husband is a very good person. Avery also explained that she and Omar are just as loving as any other couple, even though their faith prevents them from being open with PDAs. The couple have commented that it is a mistake to think that Muslim couples do not love each other because they are often more reserved in public.

The couple have gone to great lengths to make their relationship work despite being at a long distance during the first year of marriage. Fans of Avery and Omar are now delighted to see them settle in the United States together. The couple have explained why they currently live in New Jersey. They made the move so that Omar could be with his family, while Avery also has family and friends in the United States. Also, moving to the US was the best option to further Omar’s career in dentistry. Meanwhile, Avery is studying health administration. The couple hope to advance their professional careers, but Avery has stated that they would not rule out returning to the Middle East one day. Many fans favor the couple because they are genuine and authentic. Unlike other couples in the 90 day fiancé franchise, Omar and Avery show a love story that fans believe in.

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