A Last of Us Remake Is a TERRIBLE Idea

The Last of Us released eight years ago and the PS4 remaster can be played on PS5. It’s too early for a remake, no matter how beloved the game is.

When it first released in 2013, The last of us became one of Naughty Dog’s most popular and beloved games, thanks to its incredible story, characters and graphics. But already, it’s been reported that the studio is working on a remake of the game. Not a remaster, but a remake. This has many fans scratching their heads as to Sony’s strategy, believing that for now at least, a remake is neither necessary nor wanted.

Jason Schreier recently wrote an article on Bloomberg surrounding the politics of PlayStation’s first-party studios, reporting that a remake for The last of us is in the works. The idea of ​​a remake allegedly came before Part ii had even released, with a pitch made by the Visual Arts Service Group, who were traditionally put into a support role, assisting other studios with games in later stages of development. The remake was planned to be the team’s first real project but was later handed over to Naughty Dog. Going forward this way caused many developers to become disillusioned with Sony’s strategy, with some resigning. And the Last of Us Part II came out just last year, so why is there such a rush to complete a remake rather than the next entry in the series?

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Remakes are a generally safe way to make successful video games by hitting fans with heavy nostalgia, while still adding enough new mechanics, features and new story bits to keep it fresh. Recent remakes like Capcom’s many resident Evil remakes and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake became smash hits when released, drawing in gamers from past and current generations. But the difference with these titles and The last of us is that the originals were released over two decades ago in the late 90s. The first Last of us title was released in 2013, with a PlayStation 4 remaster in 2014, which can be played on PlayStation 5 thanks to backward capability. The Last of Us Remastered is even included in the PlayStation Plus Collection. It’s far too soon to consider a remake when fans are begging Naughty Dog to finish the series’ story with a Part III or to consider making new IP.

Graphics-wise, a remake for the PS5 would be similar to The Last of Us Part II, which looks phenomenal. But with a remake opposed to a remaster, developers have much more creative freedom to change games as they see fit. This has many fans worried about what changes will be made to the story which is already widely lauded. The idea of ​​a remake so soon is worrying with regards to how Naughty Dog plans to continue the series’ overall narrative. Part ii‘s ending was widely considered bitter and divisive, particularly regarding the main character Ellie.

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The article also mentions that Sony is relying far too much on its biggest name teams like Santa Monica Studios, Guerrilla Games or Naughty Dog to always produce massive blockbusters, while rarely giving smaller studios the chance to make their own IP. According to Schreier’s reporting, Sony Bend’s pitch for a sequel to Days gone was rejected, with the team instead being temporarily assigned to help Naughty Dog with a new Uncharted. This comes during a time that Sony’s Japan Studios team was recently reorganized, with a majority of its staff being dismissed. Many of these developers were behind lesser-known but popularly reviewed games like Gravity rush, Astro Bot, Ape Escape and more.

Not every game is guaranteed to be a hit, even when coming from highly acclaimed studios. Sony’s reliance on just a small number of teams is a gamble. Microsoft, on the other hand, has taken the opposite approach, bringing as many studios under their umbrella as possible, while giving them the autonomy to work as they see fit. This stands in sharp contrast to Sony’s philosophy.

There’s currently no official announcement for the rumored Last of us remake, nor any info on the next entry in the series. However, a TV adaptation for The last of us is already in the works as an HBO series, with Neil Druckmann as an executive producer. It is possible that the remake could be revealed close to the show’s release. Only time will tell if this report is correct.

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