Apex Legends Season 8 story is coming to a head at the War Games event

Apex Legends Season 8 is launching players straight into Mad Maggie’s War Games with five new rotating limited-time modes.

The popular battle royale Apex legends keeps players on their toes with the release of the War Games event trailer. The reveal video is just under two minutes long and showcases cosmetics, colors, and five brand new rotating game modes. War Games launches April 13 and will run for two weeks.

It seems that Fuse’s longtime friend Mad Maggie has yet to take revenge after she left her home world to join the Apex games. To the dismay of the players, the ring styles weren’t the end of their terror. This time around, he hopes to get rid of the Legends for good with what players are calling the most aggressive takeover yet.

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The first Limited Time Mode (LTM) featured in the trailer is Armor Regen. Similar to Octane’s auto health regeneration, Legends shields will automatically regenerate while this takeover is active. Armor regenerates at a rate of 12 points per second. This means that the blue shields will take a little over four seconds and the purple shields a little over eight seconds to fully fill again. This is a big step up from Wattson’s recent shield regen buff of 0.5 points per second. After taking damage, there is an eight second delay before the shields begin to regenerate. If his shield has been broken, the eight second delay increases to 16 seconds. While this mode is active, Shields Cells will not be in the loot pool.

Killing Time is the second LTM introduced and it will surely speed up the game. As currently played, most players die during the first round, leaving an average of five squads in the second round. With this mode active, each time a legend is killed, the round time is reduced. This means that as players are slaughtered, the rounds will fly by. Be careful with the ring in this mode as it will move at lethal speeds.

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Auto Banners is the third of the five modes featured in the trailer. Teammate posters are automatically collected in this mode. After a teammate has fallen, the need to retrieve their player banner disappears. Finding a respawn beacon is the only mission. During this acquisition, there will be even more mobile respawn beacons available as ground loot than usual.

The fourth LTM to arrive in games is Ultra Zones. As long as this takeover is active, there will be several hot zones that players can land on. Hot spots typically have higher tier loot and gold items. Additionally, each will be a Flash Point, which was introduced as an LTM in season six. These areas will be visible as giant glowing bubbles and will regenerate players’ HP and shields while they are inside them. Healing items will continue to be available during this mode through the loot pool.

Last but definitely not least is Second Chance. In this mode, each player is granted an extra life. After a legend dies, their respawn token is marked as used and they respawn in the area of ​​their death with their original weapons and equipment. This is the ultimate way to get revenge or show dominance. While this mode is active, players will not be able to unlock the Assassin, Wake, or Wrath badges.

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Each mode will last for two to four days before moving on to the next. Second Chance is the first mode to be available, and it will run from April 13-15. Ultra Zones is the second mode and will be active from April 15-19. Automatic banners come into play April 19-21, Killing Time the game arrives April 21-23, and Armor Regen ends April 23-27.

As in the last events, an event tracker will be live from the beginning to track your progress and unlock new cosmetics. This tracker also includes five unlockable Battle Pass tiers for any player still working to finish their own. Rampart and Crypto have tradable skins on this tracker. Finally, Pathfinder, Wraith, Lifeline, Gibby, Mirage, and Bloodhound have received classic-looking colors that can be purchased during the War Games event.

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