Attack on Titan: How Eren’s Attack Titan Has Been Boosted Since Season 1

Eren Yaegar is the most powerful Titan Shifter in anime right now. This is how their abilities have grown since they inherited Attack Titan.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 4, Part 1 of Attack on Titan, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Eren Yaeger has been steadily growing in strength since the first Attack on Titan season. His time in the military and training with ODM equipment meant that even his normal body was in better shape than most people, and since then he has only gotten stronger. But that growth pales in comparison to how far his Attack Titan has come and what he’s capable of now in Season 4.

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When Eren first transformed in Season 1, he was not in control of his Titan form. In its unbridled body, the Attack Titan was no stronger than a similarly sized Pure Titan, and just as durable. As a result, their Titan’s limbs were frequently broken hitting Pure Titans, and they could easily be overwhelmed by relatively low numbers if attacked. However, once Eren took control of the Attack Titan, it was a completely different story. His strength increased several times, allowing him to lift a rock at a point that Mikasa commented would have been impossible to do even for a proportionally sized human.

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Even though Eren successfully controlled the Attack Titan once, his Shifter powers were still far from consistent. In order to make him a better weapon for humanity, Hange and other elite Survey Corps members came together to help him master his newfound power over the course of the next few seasons. They managed to identify the trigger for his transformation: drawing blood, allowing Eren to summon his Titan form at will. Eren also attempted back-to-back transformations, but after a success, he was only able to produce a shattered and disfigured form on his second attempt.

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Eren’s next power increases did not come from his training, but rather as a result of his involvement in situations where his method of dealing with Pure Titans – mindlessly hitting and smashing – did not work. While facing the Female Titan in the Forest of Giant Trees, he was forced to take a more tactical approach to fighting as Annie had more experience as a Changeling and was a better fighter. Those tactics were put to the test when Eren faced the Armored Titan. Upon discovering that his fists did little to no harm to Reiner, he changed his fighting style once again. Despite being the physically weaker and less durable Titan, Eren’s new fighting style, which included tackles and grapples, would have led to Reiner’s eventual defeat had the Colossal Titan not interfered.

During his experiments with Hange and Survey Corps, Eren tried several times to replicate Titan’s hardening ability that Annie had demonstrated during their fight. They believed it might be the answer to plugging the hole in Shiganshina, but Eren had no luck recreating the crystal. However, he eventually gained the ability to harden himself after ingesting Rod Reiss’s vial of ‘Armor’ fluid while trying to protect his fellow Corps members. The effect was instantaneous: he hardened his entire Titan form and protected himself and the rest of the Inspection Corps.

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With Eren now able to use hardening, the plan to retake Wall Maria became feasible. He continued training with Hange to increase his stamina and master his new hardening abilities. The results? Eren managed to locate the hardening before the battle of Shiganshina and transformed into fully capable Attack Titans twice, one of which hardened to seal the hole in the wall. Eren’s localized hardening meant that he could also focus the crystal on his knuckles to add much more force to his blows, preventing him from taking damage from the force exerted. This new buff meant that even Reiner’s Armored Titan could no longer take a hit from him.

Attack on Titan Eren hits Reiner

Four years have passed, in the universe, between seasons 3 and 4 of Attack on Titan, and since the beginning of season four, Eren now has full control over his Titan Shifter abilities. This includes controlling the rate at which your wounds heal; healing wounds for years and regenerating entire limbs in seconds. During his fight with War Hammer and Jaw Titans, he shows the same accelerated healing in his Titan form. He also manifests entirely new Titan forms three times in a fight, impacting even other Titan Shifters present. Eren also displays an even greater aptitude for battle, applying all the Titan fighting techniques he has learned thus far, and using his opponents against each other in ingenious ways. Defeat the War Hammer Titan and eat its owner, gaining its ability to change the landscape and create structures using hardening. Eren now has three Titan Shifter powers: the Foundation Titan, Strike, and Warhammer.

The Attack Titan may have another ability that Eren hasn’t unlocked yet. At the end of Season 3, we learn that Eren Kruger, who passed the Titan to Eren’s father, Grisha, knew about Mikasa and Armin even though they hadn’t been born yet. Titan Shifters accessing the memories of their past possessors is a common phenomenon, but foresight can be a unique ability of an Attack Titan possessor. This mysterious new power may have serious implications for Eren in the future.

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