Avengers Endgame: 5 Ways Black Widow’s ending fits (& 5 why it doesn’t make sense)

After much waiting, the Black widow It looks like the movie will finally be released for real, which will give Natasha Romanoff her very deserved first solo film in the MCU. The movie comes with a bittersweet reaction from fans following Natasha’s death in Avengers Endgame.

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After being a huge part of the MCU from its earliest days and being a beloved member of the original six Avengers, watching Natasha leave was a very sad moment. And after all this time, his death remains a controversial moment for fans. Some feel it was a fitting ending for the hero, while others think his death has more than a few flaws.

10 Editing: Natasha and Clint

There are a lot of great friendships within the MCU, but the one between Black Widow and Hawkeye is one of the most underrated. There have been many hints from their long and complex history together that shaped this relationship, while their interactions show genuine love for each other.

If there was any character that Natasha should have been with at the end, it makes perfect sense that it was Clint. Their struggle to sacrifice so that the other could live shows how much they mean to each other and gives Natasha’s sacrifice a more personal feel.

9 It makes no sense: more to live for

Avengers: Endgame Black Widow

Natasha throwing herself off the cliff was not only a sacrifice to save the world, but also to save Clint. Each of them is willing to take responsibility for a greater good, but Natasha believes it should be her, as Clint has more to live for thanks to his family.

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While it makes sense for Natasha to think this, it’s a bit of a stingy message for the movie to put out. It suggests that Natasha’s life was worth less to live than Clint’s life. Not only that, but Black widow proof that you have loved ones even if they are not blood relatives.

8 Suitable: the leader

Natasha Romanoff in Avengers Endgame

Natasha has always been a team player and one of the most entrenched members of the Avengers. In the wake of “The Blip,” those qualities allow him to take on a leadership role for the Avengers. Tony has retired, Steve moves on, and Thor has given up. Natasha is the one who oversees things and keeps the world safe.

It’s refreshing to see her in this role taking center stage after being the second of the male heroes for so long. And casting one of the other Avengers the role of sacrificial hero could have robbed Natasha of her agency as leader.

7 It makes no sense: Why did he go into space?

Black Widow Avengers Endgame Vormir

To reverse the Blip, the Avengers devise the Time Heist to retrieve all the Infinity Stones from the past and bring everyone back. It’s a dangerous and complicated mission that forces the Avengers to revisit times and places throughout the MCU.

However, when it comes to collecting the Soul Stone, the only thing the Avengers know is that it is on the alien planet of Vormir and that is where Gamora died. So since the Soul Stone is the most dangerous stone to collect, why would they send the two non-super-powered human Avengers to retrieve it? It seems like they were just setting things up to go wrong.

6 Suitable: redemption

One of the most exciting aspects of Black Widow is the opportunity to explore Natasha’s complex backstory. Unlike some of the more blatantly heroic characters in the MCU, Natasha’s past is dark, as she operated as an assassin for many years. It’s clear that experience still haunts her.

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On the AvengersNatasha talks about “red in her ledger” and wanting to make up for the sins of her past. Her entire arc as a hero has led her to this moment where her selfless acts allow her to achieve that redemption she has been seeking.

5 It makes no sense: the snap

Iron Man breaks the infinity gauntlet in Avengers Endgame

While the time heist is successful as the Avengers collect all of the Infinity Stones, the loss of Natasha is obviously a devastating blow. But then Thor asks the logical question: why can’t they use the stones to bring her back to life?

Hawkeye gives an excuse as to how this is not how the Soul Stone works, but bases it on an assumption. While they may not have been able to bring her back with the first click, it has been shown that stones can work more than once. No one was willing to try to bring Black Widow back?

4 Suitable: sacrifice


Inside the MCU, the heroes who sacrifice themselves to save the day is nothing new. While it may not be the most original display of heroism, it seems like a rite of passage, as Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America have all shown that they are willing to die to save innocent lives.

If Natasha had to leave, it’s good that she had a chance to prove that she is the hero that the aforementioned Avengers are. While she had risked her life countless times before, this was a moment of conscious sacrifice that felt appropriately heroic to her.

3 It doesn’t make sense: it shouldn’t have worked

Fans first learned about the Soul Stone rules when Gamora and Thanos went to Vormir in Avengers: Infinity War. There, Thanos learns that he must kill his daughter, the only thing that has really mattered to him to fulfill his mission. When Natasha and Clint go to Vormir, fans know they will face a similar choice.

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However, the rules state that the person must give up something they love to get the stone. But in this case, Clint doesn’t actually give up on Natasha. He tries to save her and she commits suicide. By Red Skull’s rules, it doesn’t make sense that Hawkeye obtained the stone.

two Suitable: your story is not over

While her death might be where the character ends, Natasha’s story in the MCU isn’t over yet. It would have been cruel to kill her before she had a chance to do so in her own solo franchise, but a prequel movie gives her that hero’s death while ensuring the character can continue.

In fact, the fact that Black widow This prequel suggests that there could be more movies that explore Natasha’s past and allow her to step into the limelight in a way that she couldn’t before.

1 It doesn’t make sense: it moved too fast

Walk into Avengers EndgameIt felt like the end of an era and fans were expecting some of their favorite characters to be killed. So Natasha’s death wasn’t totally unexpected, but it felt like a disservice how little impact her death had within the film.

Natasha has her big self-sacrificing hero moment, but the story is forced to move so fast that it feels like she’s been rushed out. It’s even worse by the fact that Tony Stark receives this great sad epilogue. Being one of the few heroes who was not present for the final battle, it would have been nice to see more attention paid to Black Widow’s passing.

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