Bachelor’s Degree: The Most Quotable Women in Ranked Franchise History

Dozens of amazing women have been through the Bachelor Nation, but these four smart and dazzling women would be an automatic swipe right on Tinder.

Although fans do not appreciate all the contestants who pass by The Bachelor franchise, there are always some undeniable gems hidden in the cast. Most of the time, these stellar singles pass right under the leader’s noses and are sent home heartbroken. They may not get the final rose, but they do earn a reputation among fans as some of the most dating singles in the franchise.

Some contestants are more memorable than others, and throughout the seasons there have been a handful of women who truly stand out in the Bachelor Nation’s collective memory. There have been 25 women’s seasons, but not all of them left a lasting impression. These are some of the contestants whose combination of brain, beauty, personality and, in general, factor that makes them a cut above the rest.

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Sharleen joynt

The stunning opera singer made her first and only Bachelor Nation appearance in the Juan Pablo season The Bachelorbut it’s been hard to forget Sharleen is smart, worldly and has traveled extensively, pioneering from night one. Sharleen is also very intuitive and self-aware and realized that she did not have a lasting connection with Juan Pablo, so she was sent home. Sharleen got married in 2017 so sadly she is no longer on the market.

Sharpe Jubilee

Jubilee made her debut in the season of Ben Higgins, and then appeared in two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. Unfortunately, he never made a real connection on any of the shows, but why remains a mystery. In addition to being smart, strong, and utterly beautiful, Jubilee has a heartbreaking past that has helped make her the tough and outspoken person she is today. It’s surprising that no one from the Bachelor Nation ever tried dating Jubilee, because any guy would be lucky to be with her.

Kristina schulman

Bachelor of Paradise Kristina Schulman and Blake Horstmann

After appearing on the Nick Viall season, Kristina was in Bachelor in Paradise for two seasons, but left the show by choice after failing to find love both times. Kristina was briefly involved in the Blake Horstmann drama, and the strength she showed when she called him showed her assertive and confident personality. The Russian beauty is currently single, but with her incredible qualities, she won’t be for much longer.

Katie morton

Katie first appeared in the Colton Underwood season, but after that, she briefly found love with Chris Bukowski on Bachelor in Paradise. It’s not hard to see why Chris fell in love with the fun, beautiful, hazel-eyed girl, but their romance didn’t last long and the couple broke up shortly after the show. Since then, Katie has shared her insight and emotional maturity with fans on Instagram, and it’s clear that she’s ready for a new relationship.

These four former contestants are just a fraction of the exceptional women who have appeared on The Bachelor. All of the women on the show are obviously beautiful, but the most memorable and shocking contestants have the brains and personality to stand out above the rest. Although Sharleen, Jubilee, Kristina, and Katie may be some of the most dating women, every year there are new contestants that fans fall in love with.

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