Black Cat is one of the greatest thieves in the Marvel Universe, and now he’s gearing up for his biggest heist in a special preview.

Possible spoilers for Black cat # 5 go ahead!

The Black cat is one of the greatest thieves in the Marvel Universe, and now in a special preview for Black cat # 5 She and her team are gearing up for one of the biggest heists in Marvel history – ripping off the New York chapter of the Thieves Guild!

Over the past few months, Black Cat has carried out a series of increasingly daring heists. When the King in Black invaded Earth, he took Doctor Strange hostage, and Black Cat and his associates freed the Sorcerer Supreme, who later helped turn the tide against Knull and his hordes of symbiotes. Now, with the King in Black banished, Black Cat is ready to return to what she knows best: heists. She has set her sights on one of the biggest awards in the Marvel Universe: the secret vaults of the New York Thieves Guild. Once the Guild’s most prominent chapter, it fell out of favor until Odessa Drake came to power and revitalized the chapter, which has since brought her into conflict with Black Cat. Being thieves, they have amassed a large collection and Black Cat se going to help herself.

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In a special preview provided to AIPT, Black Cat and her mentor, the Silver Fox, are descending into the Vault, while the rest of their team waits upstairs. As Black Cat and Silver Fox descend lower and lower, he tells her about some changes in the workings of the New York chapter, that is, they now have a new patron deity that Fox describes as an “alien god of death and death. wealth”. This terrifying new god has also offered immortality to the Guild’s inner circle. Needless to say, Black Cat is not pleased to hear about these developments.

The preview ends there, so readers have to wait until April 14 to find out what happens, but it is clear that this work will be much more difficult than Black Cat originally intended. It is also obvious that he is doing this to get revenge on Odessa Drake, and not out of any sense of duty. Black Cat’s morality has always been in a gray area – it will do the right things for the wrong reasons, and this upcoming heist shows that perfectly. Can Black Cat carry out this heist? Will he face the terrifying new god of the Thieves Guild?

The Black Cat is about to pull off not only what could be the biggest heist of his career, but also in Marvel history in Black cat # 5 by writer Jed Mackay, with art by Mike Dowling and colors by Brian Reber. The number will be on sale in print and digital form on April 14.

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