Black Ops Cold War adds one of Modern Warfare’s best gunsmith features

The latest Black Ops Cold War update brings Modern Warfare’s best gunsmith features to the game with the ability to build custom blueprints.

Treyarch continues to surprise Black Ops Cold War players with consistent updates and new features. Just over a week ago, War zoneThe second season of Reloaded brought new maps, modes, and weapons to the game, along with zombie content. However, what the game lacked were some essential components that make its predecessor, Modern war, so good. The recent update works to fix this by adding a popular mechanic to Black Ops Cold War which will allow players to be creative with their weapons.

Around this time last year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare received the Gunsmith custom feature, which allowed players to combine blueprint attachments and combine them to create truly customizable firepower. Players have been known to get extremely creative with the mechanics, mixing and matching blueprint weapon accessories to form crazy weapons. One player used the feature to remake Star Wars blasters in Modern war. Now, Black Ops Cold War Players get a piece of the action, with their own version of Gunsmith Customs.

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According to the Obligations blog, Gunsmith Customs has officially reached Black Ops Cold War, allowing players to combine weapon accessories from weapon blueprints of the same weapon type and create their own blueprints. Once players create their custom Blueprints, they can name and save their creations via Custom Mods. Players can also take the Blueprint to multiplayer and zombie matches.

One of the most notable aspects of Gunsmith Customs is that it offers players more freedom and variety of weapons. Weather Black Ops Cold War is already a best selling game, missing features that players want to add or at least have added to the next Obligations delivery. Gunsmith Customs was one of the missing features in Black Ops Cold War from Modern war, and players should be excited that it has finally arrived. The update also adds a new Season 2 Final Operator, Karla Rivas.

The weapons of Black Ops Cold War you will definitely benefit from the Gunsmith Customs option. Players can add their favorite stock optics, muzzle, barrel, under-barrel, body, magazine, handle, and accessories to build crazy weapons. Creativity could uncover powerful meta-altering combinations, which is something players need to keep in mind if they want to be successful in season two and beyond. Constantly playing with Gunsmith Customs will be key to both fun and effectiveness, especially in Black Ops Cold Wars new map.

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