Black Widow could explain Natasha’s Loki scene in Avengers

The latest Black Widow trailer hints that the movie will fully explain Natasha Romanoff’s confrontation with Loki in The Avengers.

Black widow could subtly explain Natasha Romanoff’s dialogue with Loki in the Avengers. When Black Widow made her MCU debut in Iron Man 2, she was both skillful and seductive. She easily attracted Tony Stark’s gaze, taking advantage of his attention to infiltrate Stark Industries at the highest level; But when Whiplash hacked into Justin Hammer’s droids, he quickly proved that it was much more than just a visual treat.

On the Avengers, each of the superheroes had the opportunity to come face to face with Loki, the Trickster God who was attempting to use the Tesseract to lead the Chitauri invasion of Earth. Black Widow’s encounter with Loki was a battle of wits, with Natasha conducting an unorthodox interrogation in which Loki thought she was gaining power and influence over her by revealing that she knew everything about her history. But it seems Black widow It will help explain how Natasha subtly steered the conversation in that direction to manipulate him. The tactic of the conversation started when Natasha insisted that love was for children, but why did that lead Loki to start trying to explore his past?

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The end Black widow The trailer suggests that the movie will provide an answer by exploring Natasha’s early days on the Red Room show. It appears that Natasha was initially included in a fake family, with Red Guardian as her father, Melina Vostokoff as her mother, and Yelena Belova as her little sister. This is actually a fairly typical approach to brainwashing someone; It begins by providing them with a place where they feel like they belong. While little is known of Natasha’s life before the Red Room, Avengers Endgame revealed that he never knew his father’s name, so he certainly never had a complete family around him before.

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But of course, the Black Widow’s Red Room “family” was just one stage in Natasha Romanoff’s transformation process into an agent. No doubt this realization would break Natasha’s trust in the family, leaving her believing that she would never have a true place to belong and convincing her that love is for children. Therefore, at the beginning of her conversation with Loki, Black Widow deliberately created a conversation opening that could explode to injure her. He didn’t hesitate to harness the power he believed she had allowed him, but he became overconfident and gave himself away.

This would also add depth to Black Widow’s death in Avengers Endgame. In a sense, Natasha’s experiences with the Avengers had finally seen her break the power of the Red Room’s lies because for the first time she had a place where she belonged. In the end, Black widow He sacrificed himself, not because he owed a debt to Clint Barton, but because he knew by then that he loved him, that he and the Avengers were his family, and that his actions could help bring back the people his loved ones had lost.

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