#BlackCanaryHBOSeries Trending as DC fans call for a Birds of Prey spin-off

DC fans make #BlackCanaryHBOSeries trending on Twitter when they ask for Jurnee Smollett to return for a Birds of Prey spin-off show.

Celebrate Black canarybirthday, #BlackCanaryHBOSeries is trending on Twitter as fans ask for a Birds of Prey (and the fantastic emancipation of a Harley Quinn) cleave. After Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn broke into Suicide squad, Warner Bros. and DC Films developed several films for her to star in. Birds of prey emerged from the development cycle and introduced Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco), Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez), and Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett) to the DC Extended Universe.

The end of Birds of prey paved the way for WB and DC to do sequels and spin-offs, and this has left fans hoping that some of the new characters will have their own shows. Viewers in particular have been interested in seeing Jurnee Smollett return as Dinah Lance in some form. She was only beginning to recover when Birds of prey ended, and the movie showed her one last time teaming up with Montoya and Huntress to fight criminals. Smollett has expressed a desire to play Black Canary again in some way, and now fans are showing their support for more.

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April 10 is Black Canary’s birthday in the comics, so fans have gathered around the date to share the collective interest in a Black Canary HBO Max series. #BlackCanaryHBOSeries is currently trending Twitter, with more than ten thousand tweets using the hashtag. While the campaign is primarily driven by DC fans, several creators associated with DC Comics have also shared their support. Artists Mitch Gerards and Doc Shaner and writers Tom Taylor and Gail Simone are among those with ties to DC and are expanding the #BlackCanaryHBOSeries campaign.

The desire for a Black Canary HBO Max series comes as the streaming service is starting to have a bigger presence in DC. The platform recently became home to Zack Snyder’s Justice League after fans campaigned for years to see it released. Hopefully, a Black Canary series won’t take that long to make. Currently, HBO Max is developing several DC shows derived from the movies. John Cena to star Pacifier after Suicide squad and a GCPD prequel for The batman is in the works. There are also plans for a Green Lantern show and multiples Dark justice league properties.

Although WB and DC have yet to announce plans for Black Canary or others Birds of prey characters to continue, an HBO Max show starring Jurnee Smollett could be great. Dinah’s story can continue in multiple directions and dive deeper into her life and powers. It could also be a place to introduce Green Arrow to the DCEU or bring others back. Birds of prey stars if a sequel is not going to be made. And since The CW has decided not to go ahead with its Green Arrow and Canary Islands show, this could be the only DC property with Black canary If it happens.

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