Bleach: 10 Things You Should Know About Yhwach’s Schutzstaffel

The arc of the thousand year blood war in Bleach The manga concludes, although it is finally receiving an anime adaptation almost half a decade after its completion. The main villains in this arc are Sternritter, led by Yhwach, which consists of a group of Quincy warriors, unlike anything Soul Society has ever seen before.

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Each Sternritter is only as strong as a Gotei 13 Captain, and that excludes the four main members who take their place alongside Yhwach during the Royal Kingdom battle. These characters are known as Schutzstaffel, a term that draws more than a simple comparison to the Nazi organization. They are all individually powerful, but even their combined power is overshadowed by Yhwach.

10 There are four Schutzstaffel: Pernida, Askin, Lille and Gerard

Bleach Schutzstaffel - With Yhwach

There are four Sternritters promoted to be Yhwach’s personal bodyguards, Schutzstaffel, Pernida Parnkgjas, Askin Nakk Le Vaar, Lille Barro, and Gerard Valkyrie. Each of them are chosen for their incredible Schrifts, and they are an excellent counter to the overwhelming Zero Squad.

Between them, they can control objects, manipulate death, and become literal gods. It’s no wonder the Royal Guard is effortlessly defeated by the Schutzstaffel.

9 Lille Barro receives her Schrift before anyone else

Bleach Protection Relay - Lille Barro and X-Axis

Lille Barro claims to be, first and foremost, Quincy blessed with one of Yhwach’s Schrifts (which doesn’t make sense because those people are rarely more than a few years old).

In any case, Lille is the only member of Schutzstaffel who is arrogant enough to refer to himself as a masterpiece, adding that he has the powers of a god. Lille taunts Shunsui, saying that her bankai, impressive as it is, is no match for Jilliel.

8 Pernida Parnkgjas is the left hand of the King of Souls

Bleach Schutzstaffel - Pernida Soul King Left Hand

Pernida Parnkgjas is the diametral opposite of Mimihagi, the Rukongai deity who represents the right hand of the Soul King. It is still unknown why he has decided to side with Yhwach, or how Father Quincy discovered him, but Pernida is fully in favor of Yhwach’s destruction of the Royal Kingdom.

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Interestingly, Pernida is one of only two Quincy who is not powerless before meeting Yhwach, suggesting that she followed him of her own free will.

7 Gerard Valkyrie gives off powerful Thor vibes

Bleach Schutzstaffel - Gerard Valkyrie

The so-called heart of the King of the Soul, Gerard Valkyrie is an ode to Scandinavian myth from every angle you look at it. His Asgard-themed outfit, cape, helmet, sword, and shield only make the comparison more obvious.

Gerard, like Thor, is quite confident in his abilities, but it’s the long blonde hair that makes the connection. Furthermore, her last name, Valkyrie, refers to those Norse figures who apparently lead the brave and triumphant to Valhalla.

6 Askin Nakk Le Vaar is promoted from The Sternritter

Bleach Schutzstaffel - Askin Talking

Askin is not like the other three in the sense that he did not always intend to be a member of the Schutzstaffel. It seems his hard work and smart strategies have caught Yhwach’s attention, which partly explains the promotion.

Additionally, Askin’s The Deathdealing is far more dangerous and efficient than most other Sternritters, whose Schrifts are often one-dimensional (Bazz-B’s Burner Finger style).

5 Jilliel de Lille almost defeated Shunsui Kyoraku

Bleach Schutzstaffel - Lille Mud Jilliel

Lille is forced into Vollständig mode by Katen Kyokotsu: Karamatsu Shinju, transmuting at a gigantic angle with a glowing octet of wings that keep Lille afloat. Known as Jilliel, this form allows the Quincy to practically teleport from place to place, as well as greatly magnifying the strength of its X-axis.

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More importantly, Jilliel de Lille is somehow capable of manifesting an intangible state, in which there is no Kyoraku attack that can actually hit him. Lille undergoes a secondary evolution, much more horrible, but Nanao and her Shinken Hakkyoken save the day.

4 Pernida can do anything she wants as a puppeteer

Bleach Schutzstaffel - Pernida The Obligatory

The Pernida Parnkgjas Mandatory involves firing a series of nerve endings deep into the human body, thus controlling opponents with great precision. This Schrift is so good that he has actually managed to destroy the arms of two of the most powerful Shinigami in Soul Society, Yoruichi and Kenpachi.

What’s worse is that The Mandatory can also be used on inanimate objects, such as walls, towers, and other architectural pieces. Mayuri is lucky that Nemu is with him at the moment.

3 Gerard’s Aschetonig is literally invincible

Bleach Schutzstaffel - Gerard Aschetonig

Gerard Valkyrie probably has the most powerful Vollständig of all: Aschetonig, which translates to “Power of God”. This increases his already ridiculous power levels by various magnitudes, and he grows a Nordic helmet that covers part of his face (there is also a new beard).

While his sword is still as powerful as ever in attack power, this version shows that Hoffnung can now produce blasts of energy so powerful that he almost smashes a sky city in half.

two Askin almost managed to kill Urahara Kisuke

Bleach Schutzstaffel - Askin vs Urahara

At the end of their grueling battle, Askin begins to realize that Urahara is slightly more skilled than he is, and his bankai, Benihime Atarame, is a paradoxical force of nature against which the Quincy has no defense. Askin increases his Gift Ball Deluxe, which temporarily neutralizes Urahara.

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Fortunately, Grimmjow shows up at the last minute to kill the Quincy and save the Shinigami. However, it seems that Gift Ball Deluxe will become more powerful if Askin dies, which means that the manga does not make Urahara’s fate clear.

one Schutzstaffel’s existence is ultimately insignificant

Bleach Schutzstaffel - Nonsense

There are actually five Schutzstaffel to be technical, but Nianzol Weizol is coldly defeated by Senjumaru Shutara. The others are later killed by Nimaiya Oetsu alone, but Yhwach recovers the Schutzstaffel by stealing from the Sternritter still fighting in Soul Society.

Yhwach doesn’t care about either group, to be honest, because when he absorbs the Soul King, he does the same for Haschwalth and Gerard (who aren’t exactly close to death).

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