DC slams Deathstroke fans for darkest Teen Titans story

Thanks to the Other History of the DC Universe, we are reminded that Slade Wilson’s Deathstroke is a terrible villain that is NOT to be admired.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The other story of the DC universe # 3

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ The other story of the DC universe, narrates the Asian-American hero Katana, and hits the villain death Punch for his terrible actions in the darkest history of the Teen Titans. It also reminds readers that Slade Wilson is not a villain to be admired or respected by any means, and it is all due to his manipulations during the Judas Contract story and his incredibly troubled relationship with Tara Markov, providing a unique moment in the present where DC Comics is truly critical of its own controversial past.

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In The other story of the DC universe # 3 from writer John Ridley with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Katana tells his own personal story, as well as his unique perspective on the history of the DC Universe during the 1980s. One part, in particular, reveals Tatsu Yamashiro’s frustration with the way he history has generally seen Tara Markov, the Titan turned traitor also known as Terra who secretly worked with Slade Wilson’s Deathstroke to infiltrate the Teen Titans in The Judas contract. However, the story was highly controversial due to Wilsons’ sexual relationship with Tara, who was a minor at the time, just 15 years old.

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Unfortunately, Katana points to the troubled perspective most audiences have when remembering Tara, as “the story has a convenient way of blaming the victim.” Terra truly was a victim, as she was continually manipulated and raped by Wilson, who used his influence and dominance to get her to do what he wanted, such as betraying the Teen Titans. However, Deathstroke has still been viewed with a modicum of respect and admiration despite these terrible actions, while Terra has been viewed as nothing more than a traitor.

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Surprisingly, this cult following of Deathstroke and the unfair memory of Terra might not be limited to just those who live within the DC Universe. There have Stories have been written since The Judas contract who have portrayed Slade Wilson as a man with a code of honor with potentially redeemable qualities as a result, while conveniently forgetting this stark fact and time showing why that kind of description is so wrong and problematic.

It’s actually quite refreshing to see DC Comics allow Ridley to highlight some of its most controversial and troublesome moments in The other story of the DC universe like this, as well as other moments like the possible reasons behind the formation of Batman’s Outsiders, as well as Superman’s potentially flawed mentorship of Supergirl (or lack thereof) when he first arrived on Earth. Regardless, while Slade Wilson death Punch He is without a doubt a dynamic and complex villain, he should never be seen as nothing more than a villain due to his terrible actions.

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