Disney Princess Official Rules Explained – Why Elsa And The Others Don’t Count

The official Disney princess lineup includes many of the expected classic princesses, but several major Disney heroines have been left out.

The Disney princesses They’re pop culture touchstones in Disney’s growing entertainment empire, but the rules often change about which Disney characters qualify. The Disney Princess lineup includes the long-awaited classic and Renaissance Disney characters like Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, as well as more recent creations like Moana. Princesses go back in time to 1937 with Snow White, but the princess franchise that combines them all wasn’t created until the 1990s. At first glance, the rules for the Disney Princess lineup seem simple, but Disney has it. last word on which characters are included or excluded.

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The main rules of the franchise are that Disney princesses must be female, human, and a main character in a movie that is not a sequel. The lineup includes princesses in movies made by Disney acquisitions, as Pixar-created Merida is an official princess. However, several characters who qualify under those rules were excluded or removed from the Disney Princess line. Despite the name, Disney Princesses don’t have to be princesses as Mulan is an official princess even though she never got the royal title, so characters can also qualify based on their heroics. This opens the line to most Disney movies, but only a few officially become Disney princesses. There have been many reasons why some characters were left out, but business and marketing are often at the center of those decisions.

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A more unspoken rule of the Disney Princess franchise is that your movie has to do well at the box office and in merchandising. Even the inclusion of new characters like Raya in the princess line is subject to business decisions. Emerald The Hunchback of Notre Dame she was a Disney princess, but was eliminated in 2004 probably because her sales were disappointing. As she was older and Hunchback it was a more mature movie, it was considered less marketable for younger girls. Kida from Atlantis: the lost empire she has also been excluded based on the film’s performance and her age. Jane from Tarzan was excluded primarily for marketing reasons, as her yellow dress was too similar to Belle’s iconic ball gown. However, sometimes characters are not included because they are too marketable.

Esmeralda in Hunchback of Norte Dame

FrozenElsa is a hugely popular character, but she has never been included among the Disney princesses. Technically, Elsa is a queen, but the main reason for her exclusion is that Frozen It is a successful franchise in its own right. Elsa and Anna do not need the association with the other princesses to be marketable. Frozen Y Frozen II broke box office records as the highest grossing animated films of all time, so Frozen it can be easily marketed on its own. Tinkerbell was eliminated from the Disney Princesses for a similar reason in 2005. Although not human, Tinkerbell was in the line of princesses until she was chosen to lead the Disney Fairies franchise.

The rules for Disney Princesses are frequently bent to allow popular characters to enter the burgeoning franchise, but merchandising has also excluded both the lesser and more popular Disney heroines. Fans have chosen to have different princesses who have achieved cult popularity be added (or re-added) to the official Disney Princess roster, but sales have the final say. As times change, the officer Disney princesses they are likely to change based on the rise and fall of popularity.

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