Falcon & Winter Soldier’s Madripoor site removes Shang-Chi and X-Men references

Marvel has launched a tourist website for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Madripoor, and a deleted Easter egg hints at their return to Shang-Chi.

Marvel Studios has launched an official tourist website for the fictional country of Madripoor, featured in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Strongly associated with the X-Men franchise, the fictional island nation of Madripoor is essentially the Mos Eisley cantina of the Marvel Comics universe. The island is mostly jungle, dominated by a single city that is divided into two districts; Hightown and Lowtown. The Madripoor government is notoriously corrupt and has refused to sign extradition treaties with any other nation, meaning it serves as a safe haven for countless international terrorist and criminal organizations.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has introduced viewers to the MCU’s version of Madripoor, with Baron Zemo taking Sam and Bucky to the island to search for clues about the super soldier serum. The MCU’s Madripoor looks a lot like the one from the comics, and in fact, it didn’t take long for Sam and Bucky to discover an unexpected friend on the island: Sharon Carter, still one of the most wanted in the world after her actions in Captain America: Civil War.

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Marvel clearly thinks Madripoor is a big deal, because they’ve released a Explore Madripoor tourist website, first discovered by ComicBook.com. The website uses photos directly from the TV series and doesn’t really provide any new information; Interestingly, it was apparently originally filled with X-Men Easter eggs, but these were quickly removed when people started noticing them.

Madripoor is most closely associated with the X-Men franchise, so it makes sense for the tourist website to include indirect references to the X-Men. They were no doubt eliminated because Marvel rightly thought that people would make them too much; Many fans are impatient to see the mutants introduced to the MCU, and that impatience ultimately led to mixed receptions for WandaVisionend, simply because Wanda’s powers were not used to present the mutant race. Marvel will rightly be quite concerned that they will harm popular reception of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier dropping some reckless Easter eggs.

However, in addition to the X-Men references, there was also a nod to Shang-Chi. This is quite a bit more interesting, because Simu Liu will be playing the MCU version of Shang-Chi in a Marvel movie currently slated for September 2021. That will also introduce Tony Leung as the real Mandarin, the crime lord who runs the well-known terrorist organization. like the Ten rings; that’s exactly the kind of group you’d expect to have a presence in Madripoor, so in that case the Easter egg could have been really important. It will be interesting to see if Madripoor returns in Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings.

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