Fionn Whitehead on making the sci-fi thriller ‘Voyagers’ and why ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ was confusing to film

Also, what was it like to play someone going through such a huge transformation.

With scriptwriter-director By Neil Burger Voyager Now playing in theaters, I recently spoke with Fionn whitehead about the making of the science fiction thriller. During the interview, he talked about how Voyager describes a possible future for our planet, what it was like to play someone going through such a huge transformation, if you ever went a little crazy while filming because everything was on a sound stage with no sunlight, what it was like to work with Neil Burger and more. Also, he talked about making Black mirror: Bandersnatch and why it was such a confusing shoot.

If you haven’t seen the trailers, Voyager takes place some forty years in the future and is about a group of young men and women sent on a lengthy expedition to colonize a distant planet in order to save the human race. As their mission unfolds, and over time, they discover secrets about the way they are being handled, leading them to explore their more primitive natures. As life on the ship descends into chaos, they are consumed by fear, lust, and an insatiable hunger for power. Voyager also stars Tye sheridan, Lily rose depp, Colin Farrell, Sung adams, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Viveik Kalra, Archie renaux, Archie madekwe and Quintessa swindell.

Look what he had to say in the player above and below there is a list of what we talked about.

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Fionn Whitehead and lily-rose-depp-voyagers

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Fionn Whitehead:

  • In which television series would you like to appear as a guest star?

  • What movie or movies have you seen the most?

  • How the movie describes a possible future for our planet.

  • How his character goes through a massive transformation in the movie.

  • Was it a fun session?

  • At what point in the shoot did you start to go a little crazy since you were always on a sound stage under LED lighting?

  • What surprised you about working with Neil Burger?

  • How the movie deals with human nature.

  • How was doing Black mirror: Bandersnatch?


Image via Lionsgate

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