FIX: Pac-Man 99’s frenetic gameplay makes up for an overall shaky package

Pac-Man 99 is another nifty Nintendo Switch battle royale. While its DLC content is disappointing, the main game is a lot of fun.

When Nintendo removed from the list Super Mario Bros. 35 From the Nintendo Switch eShop, the public began to speculate on what would come next. Many gamers thought that Nintendo Switch Online’s next unconventional battle royale would be based on another Nintendo IP, such as The legend of Zelda. Nobody expected that Pac-man would receive the following treatment. But as same as Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99 shows that simple, classic games are flexible enough to accommodate this format. And, thanks to great gameplay, Pac-Man 99 has established itself as a compelling giveaway from Switch Online, even if its overall package is disappointing.

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Ultimately, problems with Pac-Man 99 they only arise as a consequence of their expensive downloadable content. The expensive nature of the DLC recontextualizes expectations for the game, which is much stronger as a subscription bonus than as a paid title. Still the basics Pac-Man 99 Experience and its ability to modernize arcade play make this game a valuable aspect of Nintendo Switch Online.

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What Tetris 99 before that, Pac-Man 99 pits the player against 98 others in an attempt to be the last one standing. It’s a frenzied experience that turns Pac-man Eater of ghosts in a frantic attempt to survive. Players can throw trash ghosts, called Jammer Ghosts, into their opponents’ mazes to slow them down. Each ghost that the player bites after eating a Power Pellet is thrown at him. Huge masses of Jammer Ghosts can be dispatched at once by chewing on a Ghost Train, which is accomplished first by eating the sleeping ghosts clipped out of the board. These spirits will be chained into a regular Ghost, which can then be combined for great Jammer Ghost attacks.

Somehow, the player versus player aspect of Pac-Man 99 it is more complicated than it seems. Like the other Battle Royales on Switch, there are different orientation patterns that players can employ when moving the right stick. Pac-Man 99 it also features game strategies that increase particular strengths at a specific cost. These mechanics make more sense once the player has adjusted to a few hours of Pac-Man 99 – and after having read a few posts on the forum. The game is not very good at explaining its own mechanics. They come quite naturally with experience, but this title certainly has a steeper learning curve than previous Switch royale battles.

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However, the experience can be wonderfully satisfying once it clicks. It’s easy to go into a trance state during gameplay while chaining down attacks as ghosts of opponents threaten to overtake Pac-Man. Tetris 99 It was already a white knuckle experience, but Pac-Man 99 elevate that even further. This is aided by relatively nimble rounds, inviting the one-match mentality that will keep the game clocks ticking. Pac-man It’s inherently a fast-paced experience where players move until they lose, so combining elements of Battle Royale only adds to the intensity.

official screenshot for pac-man 99

However, there is a sense of passivity that tarnishes the experience. On Tetris 99, there was a clear and satisfactory way to send junk lines to rivals; it was obvious and pointed. On Mario 35, sending Koopas and Goombas to a rival felt more like a reactionary move, a consequence of your game rather than a deliberate strategic assault.

On Pac-Man 99, as the player flies through the seat of their pants in an attempt to stay alive, sending Jammer Ghosts feels more in line with Mario 35 what Tetris 99. The mechanics of the Ghost Train are still interesting, but it lacks the clarity that Tetris has. Pac-Man 99, What Mario 35, has more to do with chaos and the bet for survival than with the methodical rivalry of Tetris 99. Pulling the ghost trains feels more defensive than deliberate.

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Even in light of Pac-manproblems, the overall gaming experience is solid and worth downloading easily. Gambling is a clear boon for a service that is also known for its meager offerings. However, Pac-Man 99Downloadable content is scarce in its own right and may not be worth the price of admission. Its DLC is divided between new modes and exclusive themes. The latter is cosmetic only, although they do overlap some fun Namco-inspired palettes in the title. These are similar to Tetris 99themes, which were offered free of charge through limited-time events.

The DLC modes, unfortunately, aren’t much more substantive than the themes. Players can access Private Online Matches, CPU Battle (which is just the core Pac-Man 99 with bots), Score Attack and Blind Time Attack. All single player modes work inside Pac-Man 99limited structure and provides an important reason to return to the game. They offer a single player component, but at a certain point, it makes more sense to just enjoy the free multiplayer experience of this game and invest in Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 for a more robust solo title. The DLC content isn’t bad, but it feels decidedly straightforward in contrast to the online multiplayer.

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The price is also high. Modes can be purchased for $ 14.99, themes for $ 1.99 each or all themes, and modes for $ 30 combined. That’s expensive, especially for how little the player receives, but the value proposition is almost incongruous, as the purchase is optional. The only sticking point is the Private Matches, which should possibly not be tied to the DLC and instead be included in the base pack.

Although in general, Pac-Man 99 is a lively, competitive giveaway that every Nintendo Switch Online member should try. While the Battle Royale hack is running out across the industry, Pac-Man 99 updates the concept through its playable reimagining of the classic arcade game. Although the downloadable content is disappointing, Pac-Man 99 stands to the side Monster hunter rise as one of Nintendo’s early 2021 treats.

Developed by Arika and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Pac-Man 99 is available to subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online. The publisher provided a review copy.

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