Gillette Gaming Alliance returns for the ‘Fall Guys’ squad broadcast today and Deejay Knight is here to share his strategy

Today the Gillette Gaming Alliance (GGA) returns with four of the biggest streamers – Knight Deejay, Dr. Lupo, Lando norris and theGrefg – joining for the first Squad Stream. The quartet will join forces at 2:30 p.m. ET on behalf of Gillette to play the final levels in the wildly popular Fall Guys. And we have a few words from Collider’s own former Streamer of the Month Knight Deejay ahead of the event to share the hype with our readers today.

In regards to that event, the Gillette Gaming Alliance “brings together a team of selected global elite streamers to represent the brand and create content for audiences around the world. This year’s Alliance is comprised of 11 streamers who will create content streams. customized for their specific regions on Twitch, YouTube and social media platforms. As part of the Gillette Gaming Alliance, new this year, members will co-stream in smaller groups, also known as Squad Streams. ”

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Before we start our conversation with Knight, be sure to watch the video below and meet the entire GGA 2021 roster:

Besides playing Fall Guys Today, streamers will network with their community while also talking about the Gaming Alliance and their partnership with Gillette, along with their own personal styles and prep routines. And if you want to have fun, you can! GGA is also hosting a giveaway where one lucky fan will have a chance to join their Twitch Squad live stream. You can learn more about how to participate here!

Our chat with Knight follows below:


Image via @DeejayKnight

What milestones have you and your community celebrated in the last year?

Deejay Knight: When it comes to milestones, I’m back to TTRPGs! I was chosen for “In the homelands, “a POC-centric sci-fi RPG, as well as”The black dice society, “an official D&D broadcast set in the horror scene of Ravenloft. I also celebrated being featured on a Times Square billboard courtesy of Twitch for the first time! Now, I have to find a way to work my way there. again.

You have invested a great deal of time, effort and resources in designing your transmission. How important is it to you to present a professional streaming experience that suits your personal style?

Deejay Knight: As far as my transmission design goes, it’s extremely It is important for me to have a high level of presentation in my broadcast. Once I understand how to implement something that increases the professionalism of my broadcast, have to implement it. Since broadcasts are such a visual medium, first impressions are everything, and the last thing I want to do is give someone a reason to leave!

Image via Mediatonic, Devolver Digital

Since you will be playing Fall Guys, I have to ask: What is your favorite round / level in the game? And what is the most difficult to play for you?

Deejay Knight: in Fall GuysEven my favorite is Dizzy Heights or Tip Toe. It’s easy to get around Dizzy Heights once you understand how it works, and Tip Toe is a great way to follow other people closely, see where they go wrong, and jump in once you get close enough. The toughest has been and always will be Slime Climb for me. Too much is happening!

What is your option? Fall Guys costume?

Deejay Knight: My Choice Fall Guys The costume is the astronaut (space baby!), The tasty hamburger or the French fries. Or you get ripped apart by a space bean or a fast food, which I find hilarious.

What is your approach to Fall Guys as a solo player vs being a team player?

Deejay Knight: My approach to Fall Guys? Easy: Have fun! Whether in a team or solo, I’m aiming for the top, but if I lose, get ready for the next chance I get to do the voiceover!

Image via Mediatonic, Devolver Digital

What do you have to say about your GGA Squad Stream teammates?

Deejay Knight: When it comes to my teammates, that’s easy – they’re all incredibly talented and amazing at what they do. I just pretend to be as awesome as they are!

Any final words for your sponsors at Gillette and / or the people in your community?

Deejay Knight: Words for everyone, also easy: Thank you for the opportunity, for believing in me and what I do. I work hard every day to make sure I am true to myself and the amazing community that is the Knights Corps.

Make sure to tune in to the Gillette Gaming Alliance Fall Guys Stream Guys Squad today at 2:30 pm ET!

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