Green Arrow: 10 DC Heroes Who Can’t Stand Oliver Queen

Green Arrow has a lot of good qualities, but he’s great at making other heroes hate him. This should come as a surprise, as he is incredibly charismatic, intelligent, and has generally held his own on the right side of history while targeting some of the biggest problems afflicting the world.

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However, Oliver Queen has many character flaws in his quiver. He is brash, arrogant, elitist, a fake populist, an ideologue who cannot live up to the high standards of his own ideological purity and has a long history of cheating. More recently, this last quality has at least been replaced by polyamory, but there are plenty of bitter ex-boyfriends left behind from their womanizing days. Is it any wonder so many other DC heroes can’t take it?

10 Barry Allen has many reasons not to like Green Arrow

The Flash Barry Allen role

Hal Jordan has two best friends in the superhero community: Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. Shortly after Barry came back to life, Hal named Ollie. Barry’s response was that he wanted nothing to do with Ollie.

There can be numerous reasons for this. Barry is a cop from the Midwest, who might not be thrilled with Ollie’s increasingly left-leaning politics. Or maybe Barry doesn’t like that Ollie killed. Or he might not like how Ollie treated women in the past. Whatever the reason, the fastest man in the world wants to run as far from Green Arrow as possible.

9 Warlord looks like Oliver Queen … so people kept attacking him

Skartaris Warlord

The rivalry between Warlord and Green Arrow is actually an inside joke. Writer and artist Mike Grell created Warlord before working on the Green Arrow comics.

Both characters have a very similar distinctive appearance. When Warlord traveled to Seattle, many people assumed that this muscular guy with a blonde goatee must be the Green Arrow and attacked him. The moment Warlord met Olivier Queen, he beat up Ollie for everything that had happened. However, they later reconciled.

8 Batman was erased by Green Arrow and several other heroes he once trusted

Batman and Green Arrow have a strange love-hate relationship. They really seem to like and respect each other for the most part. And they have so much in common that Green Arrow has frequently been referred to as a Batman knockoff (and to be fair, he’s a powerless billionaire superhero with quirky gadgets who operates out of Arrow Cave and has his own Arrow-Plane).

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But the biggest dispute between them is that Ollie was one of several members of the Justice League responsible for erasing Batman’s memory.

7 Roy Harper was disappointed by his former mentor and became a hero

Roy Harper's collapse at The Rise of Arsenal received a number of negative comments.

Roy Harper was once Green Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy, and he adored his mentor. Then Ollie abandoned him, leaving Roy to succumb to a heroin addiction. When Ollie found out the truth, he hit his young neighborhood.

They have tried to get it right ever since. They care for each other, but the damage cannot be undone. Roy loves Ollie, but a part of him will always hate Ollie too.

6 Hawkman hates Green Arrow politics

Carter Hall (aka Hawkman) and Oliver Queen hate each other. They have both served together in the Justice League and at the end of the day they support each other, but they really can’t stand each other.

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In this case, it is purely political. Carter Hall is a Thai space cop who cares about brave and decisive action and being a manly man. Green Arrow has a history of calling cops fascists and monologues about all the forms of systemic injustice for which there are words, many of which involve policemen or fascists. They have repeatedly faced these differences.

5 The question also has political disagreements with Green Arrow

Detail of the cover of question 3

The Question is an interesting character study on how it has evolved under the supervision of different writers. It was originally created by Steve Ditko, who infused the character with his own Objectivist ideology. Later, writer Denny O’Neil killed Question and brought her back with a more Zen philosophy.

When writer and artist Frank Miller incorporated a future version of Question into The Dark Knight Strikes Again, almost all of the hero’s appearances were just as a background character where he discussed politics with Green Arrow, as the old Objectivist talking points of Question approached fascist, while Ollie’s center-left attacks turned out to be overwhelmed.

4 Barbara Gordon will never forgive Oliver Queen for hurting her best friend

Barbara Gordon’s reasons for hating Oliver Queen are simple and straightforward: she hurt her best friend. There is no scholarly philosophy behind this. Dinah Lance was heartbroken over Ollie’s trap, and Barbara is with her friend. Since then, Dinah has reconciled with Ollie many times, but it is doubtful that Barbara will fully forgive him.

3 Black Lightning’s niece was killed after Ollie slept with her behind his girlfriend’s back

Black Lightning Metamorpho Prison

The hero that Black Lightning used to respect Green Arrow. They were both looking for people who had been overlooked by most of the other heroes, caring more for ordinary people than stopping super criminals or alien invaders.

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The Green Arrow then cheated on Black Canary with her niece, Joanna Tanner, resulting in Joanna being murdered shortly after.

two Black Canary has dealt with years of her cheating, lies, tirades, and cooking

Green Arrow Black Canary Rebirth

Black Canary loves Oliver Queen. And Black Canary knows Oliver Queen better than anyone. That’s why Black Canary can’t stand it.

He dealt with years of cheating and lies, with random criminals attacking his home and business, and with a lifetime’s worth of his moralistic monologues. He even swallowed his chili, so hot it could probably compete with Superman’s laser vision. She loves him and despite all the pain and years of breakups, she will continue to love him. But sometimes loving someone is also hating them.

1 Oliver Queen hates himself more than anyone

Green-Arrow-Outsiders-War-Featured Cropped

As has been said, Oliver Queen is an idealist. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and wasted his youth and privilege pursuing emotions and women, not knowing the value of either. Then he had a life-changing experience that made him commit to helping the world and being better.

But he is a very imperfect person. Ollie sees how he has let his loved ones down. He hurt Roy. He hurt Dinah. He hurt everyone he ever cared about. And he fails every day to live up to his own ideals. Because a person cannot be an ideology, nor can people fly straight and faithful like an arrow towards a certain goal. But keep getting up and striving to do and be more. That drive comes from a sense of moral obligation, but it also comes from spite and self-loathing as you strive to be better so you can make a better world.

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